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Camping trip

6 am.

Having herded the overly still-not-awake victimsstudents onto the shuttle, the teachers had taken their places among the groggy students. After making sure everyone was buckled up, one of the crew members passed out pillows and blankets to the occupants. A partition was then slid up between the captive folk and the pilots as a hissing came from a gas leaking into the compartment. The long and short of it? All passengers were knocked out to a cold sleep (after some obvious freaking out by some of the more paranoid ones!) for the duration of the trip.

Many would have begun to wake up as the little car neared a giant sand-colored gas planet with many beautiful rings. It appeared the ship was heading for the northern hemisphere of one of the larger moons.

A small settlement awaited... Consisting of housing, a supply station, many observation/scientific research buildings and a docking area.. As they neared even closer, everyone would be able to spot various terrains in the station..a forest on the west side, grassy meadows to the north, desert to the east and a man-made 'ocean' to the south. It seemed the students were being given the chance to try out how life worked on a brand new attempt to bring civilization to a place further out from their home. Over the intercomm, a female voice spoke up, "Good day, Ergheiz Institute! We're very excited to have you here. The temperature is currently 80 degrees fahrenheit and sunny. Please prepare to dock and be briefed by our helpful staff. Enjoy your stay and welcome to Enceladus!"

((More information This will go from today, 10/03 till Saturday, 10/13))
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