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Log 1

Where: Hot springs
Who: King, Mai, Kyle..guest cameo appearances by Dong Hwan, Kim Kaphwan and Chun Li (possible new players? :3)
Warnings: Hot springs. No warning should have to be posted.

KingIllusion (8:34:30 PM): King and Mai made their way to the springs. Since the weather was getting cooler, it sounded like a good place to be a new hangout spot.
RumTumTuggerMrM (8:35:29 PM): Especially since it was, you know, warm. And when cold came it meant bundling up, until getting to the springs anyway. One could swear she didn't have anything resembling normal clothing or bathing suits.
KingIllusion (8:36:49 PM): Holding the towel snugly over her body, King stepped into the water. "Good God, this already feels great!"
RumTumTuggerMrM (8:37:47 PM): And Mai was riiight behind her, or more to the side actually. That towel though was stored on the side as she decided that there was no need to hide it over herself.
NineGatesofChaos (8:39:04 PM): Kyle opened his eyes when he heard the sounds of more people (more importantly more girls) coming into the springs. He at least caught a glimpse of one familiar face. "Heeyy! You're that lady from last time!" he waved. And you
NineGatesofChaos (8:39:08 PM): have a friend!
KingIllusion (8:40:25 PM): "Allo~" She chirped while she sat down. "How are you tonight?"
RumTumTuggerMrM (8:41:15 PM): "It's pretty deserted tonight, huh? Weird." She shrugged a little, settling down into the warmth. Oh the warmth was nice on her skin~
NineGatesofChaos (8:44:49 PM): Kyle smiled in a half friendly half flirty way. "I'm doing alright. How ar--" As a knight, he should have had more chivelry than to stare...let alone stop mid sentence and let his mouth gape. She had to strip RIGHT THERE? He tried
NineGatesofChaos (8:44:51 PM): to recover, but nothing could cover those stumbling words. "...A-and how are you, ladies?~" It was a good thing he was already sitting under the foamy water.
KingIllusion (8:47:39 PM): The woman noticed the stumble as she glanced over at Mai. Noticing that things were
KingIllusion (8:47:39 PM): going south, she rolled her eyes in a 'not again!' fashion and turned her attention back to the other. "We're fine tonight. Are you coming to the teacher's meeting later tonight?"
RumTumTuggerMrM (8:49:18 PM): "I'm rather fine today." Oh yes, there was a slightly cooed mocking tone to her voice, knowing perfectly well as to what she was probably doing. Oh well, she couldn't do anything even if she really wanted to. "And how are you, hm?"
NineGatesofChaos (8:51:08 PM): He put two fingers to his temple in a small salute and tried to keep his eyes from darting to her companion TOO much. "Yup! I'm all set to go! Just thought I'd take a nice dip beforehand, you know?" The tone of King's friend wasn't
NineGatesofChaos (8:51:10 PM): lost on him. He offered her a small wink. "I'm doing real good~ I don't think I've met you here before. I'm Kyle."
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:04:46 PM): Oh dear, a wink! Maybe it was good the boyfriend wasn't around, mm. "I don't think I've met you myself. Mai, pleasure to meet you."
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:04:47 PM): May want to avoid much staring, it tended to cause one to do stupid things in her prescence. Sad fact.
NineGatesofChaos (9:07:35 PM): "Pleasure's all mine," he said with a smile and a nod. He looked between the two ladies. "So you're friends with King? Did you meet in high school or something?"
KingIllusion (9:08:33 PM): A smirk grew on the blonde woman's face. She knew he was flirting with Mai. Let's see how the kunoichi handled this.
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:09:38 PM): "In a sense, yeah..." She trailed off for a moment, stiffling a small snicker. "God, how long has it been that we've known eachother, King? I don't really remember how we met when I think about it. My memory's failing on me~"
KingIllusion (9:10:47 PM): "That's a good question!" She tapped her chin thoughtfully. I think I was visiting Yuri and you came to the dojo with Andy and Terry. And goodness, our first tournament together was in...ninety..four?"
NineGatesofChaos (9:12:50 PM): Kyle seemed surprised. "You guys were in a dojo? That's pretty cool!" Heh, you can never tell these days. "Were you guys members of a guard or something?"
KingIllusion (9:13:50 PM): King laughed at that. "No, no. Nothing like that! Mai and I have been fighting in high risk tournaments together for years! We met at our other teammate's dojo!"
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:14:31 PM): "Mhmm! Tournaments are always fun, unless you get a bunch of cheating jerks or you're going to die or something." You know, her point kind of sucked. Oh well, Mai was a bit weird in her thinking.
KingIllusion (9:15:35 PM): "Or the ones who like to rip off arms or blow off shirts...." That had to be pointed out! It was important dammit!
NineGatesofChaos (9:16:40 PM): He scratched his cheek a little. He wasn't sure what these girls were talking about. "Tournament? Like... You girls were gladiators? I didn't think they allowed girls to be gladiators..."
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:17:28 PM): "I wouldn't use the term 'gladiators'." A small pause and a glance to King with a tiny grin, "Well, not like I really wore so much a 'shirt'...."
KingIllusion (9:18:45 PM): "No kidding!! You've been more naked than that trollop from the DoA circuit!" She tried to hold herself back from laughing at being called a gladiator. Better than an Amazon, no? "Actually, I do kickboxing and she does ninja..things."
KingIllusion (9:20:04 PM): "No kidding!! You've been more naked than that trollop from the DoA circuit!" She tried to hold herself
KingIllusion (9:20:05 PM): back from laughing at being called a gladiator. Better than an Amazon, no? "Actually, I do kickboxing and she does ninja..things."
NineGatesofChaos (9:23:05 PM): Kyle was having a very hard time NOT envisioning this. "....I...I see... Sounds interesting." He had to at least be POLITE and not grin like a doofus
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:24:09 PM): "Well, it certainly gives me movement. There is a method to my madness there!" Sad when one has to defend their clothing choices, "Yes, ninja things. Call it that."
KingIllusion (9:25:03 PM): "I have bath towels that cover your body more than your gi!" She grinned, letting Mai know that now was a good time to mess with the male.
NineGatesofChaos (9:26:21 PM): Kyle was trying not to choke on his own spit.
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:27:55 PM): Oh you better believe she was getting that note, "Well, you know how much I absolutely adore taunting them, King. I mean, I could probably wear nothing and they wouldn't even fight. I should test that sometime."
KingIllusion (9:30:09 PM): "Maybe you and I can switch clothing for the next fight? Your gi for my dinner jacket."
NineGatesofChaos (9:31:16 PM): Kyle was actually staring wondering if they were being freakin' serious here. He was pretty sure Mai was correct in her theory. Didn't mean he wouldn't like to see her try. "...."
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:32:03 PM): "But then they'd go 'OH MY GOD, KING HAS BOOBS?' and do you really want that? That and they'd be disappointed I'm not the one bouncing around all over the place. I mean, you know they're just waiting for one slip up..."
KingIllusion (9:33:09 PM): "If Ryo's reaction was anything...." She had this crazy chesire grin at this point. Waving a hand, she acted like this was normal conversation. "Sorry about that Kyle. Mai here doesn't like clothing much!"
NineGatesofChaos (9:35:18 PM): "I gathered..." he said with a slight cough. "Well... there's nothing wrong with that. If she doesn't wanna wear clothes, she doesn't wanna wear clothes~"
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:36:37 PM): Oh she couldn't help a tiny giggle at that, smiling a little bit. "Oh exactly. See, someone understands. Unfortunately I'm required to wear clothes, a certain person doesn't like people looking at me~"
KingIllusion (9:36:45 PM): "Indeed. Anyways, about this meeting tonight. We'll be discussing where to take the students on a field trip." It was as if the naked talk had never happened for her. This was fun.
NineGatesofChaos (9:37:33 PM): Well at least SOMEONE could pretend that never happened, cause Kyle would probably be thinking about that for a while... Hell he wanted to continue the discussion....
RumTumTuggerMrM: "A field trip? Just a big general one or what?" Mai could snap into professional mode at the drop of a hat! Sort of, okay, she was never entirely professional.
KingIllusion (9:49:51 PM): "For all of the students, yeah. Something that the board of education says has to happen"
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:51:24 PM): "But why? It seems like a waste of time to me."
KingIllusion (9:52:25 PM): "They said something about how the students need to see what's about the world, how things get a better understanding of society's inner clockwork." She held herself in a mockingly stuffy posture at the last bit.
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:52:55 PM): "....Do you ever remembering doing any of that in school, King?" Because she sure as heeeell couldn't remember any shit like that.
NineGatesofChaos (9:54:23 PM): "Hmmm" Kyle found it easier to think while not looking at these two so he opted to look up at the sky for a sec while thinking. "I think it might be good for them to get outta here every once in a while... Otherwise it'll be too
KingIllusion (9:54:26 PM): "Plenty. They'd take us somewhere boring though.."
NineGatesofChaos (9:54:27 PM): stuffy. Right?"
KingIllusion (9:56:27 PM): "Right. They get tired of being cooped up in this bubble."
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:57:21 PM): "I guess so. But you could just throw them outside for a bit and let them at it. Give them a weapon and see what happens.
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:57:22 PM): One who gets out without a scratch gets passing grades for the year." Ignore the sarcasm, just better to do that.
KingIllusion (9:57:40 PM): "That was brought up, but we'd lose our funding."
NineGatesofChaos (9:58:03 PM): Kyle actually laughed. "Might be interesting though~"
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:58:28 PM): "Get their survival skills honed."
NineGatesofChaos (10:02:10 PM): "Never know~ Maybe they'll end up going somewhere fun after all~ Like a collesium or something."
KingIllusion (10:02:39 PM): "They'd still have to go to another planet! Half of these kids can blow up all of us with a sneeze."
RumTumTuggerMrM (10:03:16 PM): "Take the fun out of it? Bah."
NineGatesofChaos (10:04:20 PM): "You're kidding right?" He scratched his cheek. They didn't seem all that dangerous to him... sans the vampire thing.
NineGatesofChaos (10:19:08 PM): "I always liked kids... and aside from bein' messy, they're generally alright. The kids here are a tad more violent, but a lot are pretty good..." So far...
KingIllusion (10:19:58 PM): "Consider this though. Most of these kids are taking magic and fighting classes from people such as Akuma. Do you honestly think they couldn't make this place go up in flames easily?"
RumTumTuggerMrM (10:20:38 PM): "Take in account the fact Akuma... could destroy a mountain with his fists I think it's safe to say they're some strong ones."
KingIllusion (10:21:21 PM): "Look what he did to you the other day!" King couldn't help grinning ear to ear as she thought ack to Mai eing couch ridden.
RumTumTuggerMrM (10:22:38 PM): "Hey, hey! I'm fine now, aren't I? No more crutches, still sore and tender, but fine." She huffed a little, leaning back a bit. "And that's a private matter, King!"
jezzynshizz (10:23:01 PM): "...what's a private matter?" Oh, wait, who's that? :-D
RumTumTuggerMrM (10:23:27 PM): Where had she heard that voice before... Ah crap. "....Nothing."
KingIllusion (10:25:35 PM): "...who.." King turned her glance to any newcomers.
NineGatesofChaos (10:26:34 PM): "What the..."
jezzynshizz (10:27:02 PM): Well, it's another woman - about 5'9", obvious Asian descent, very pretty. ...then there are the huge legs. She realizes the surprise, and waves 'hi'. She might be waiting for Mai to introduce her.
RumTumTuggerMrM (10:27:52 PM): Mai doesn't want to introduce her though! Come on, that ruins her fun! "And here I was hoping that it'd just be us three, sad, that." Rivalries are totally awesome, for the record.
NineGatesofChaos (10:28:40 PM): Kyle almost choked on his spit again. Another girl.... He might have died and gone to heaven... how was he suppsoed to talk shop like this?
jezzynshizz (10:29:39 PM): Chun Li just laughs a little, and steps in. She is wearing a towel. Modest = important. "Sorry to spoil your fun, Mai." Then, to the rest of the crowd, "I'm Chun Li. Nice to..." well... "meet you all." There might be handshakes.
RumTumTuggerMrM (10:30:42 PM): "Everyone's always spoiling my fun, I'm used to it. Besides, I'm not allowed to touch anymore." Is that a pout? Oh it may just be!
NineGatesofChaos (10:31:17 PM): Kyle was happy. "Hey Chun Li!~ I'm Kyle! Nice to meet you!"
jezzynshizz (10:31:54 PM): Chun relaxes a little, and closes her eyes. Her hair is down, over one shoulder; she goes to reply to Mai, but is surprised by Kyle's... enthusiasm! "Hello," she says, politely, and extends her hand for a shake. Police, lol.
NineGatesofChaos (10:33:31 PM): Kyle did what he always did: Took her hand, and rather than shaking it, offered a quick kiss on the knuckles. It was a knightly tradition, but when he did it... it didn't seem so much....
NineGatesofChaos (10:33:38 PM): "A pleasure~"
RumTumTuggerMrM (10:34:34 PM): A tiny little huff escapes from her again, arms crossing across her chest. Sort of, she'd decided instead to place them under a little bit there. Exposure dammit. Not on purpose, really. Of course not.
jezzynshizz (10:37:02 PM): It's a surprise - her eyes widen slightly, and her other hand instinctually goes to the top of her towel, but she endures it gracefully enough. "It's all mine," she half-laughs, somewhat unsure of ettiquette in this situation.
KingIllusion (10:40:10 PM): King had had to run and get her cell phone as it rang. "I'll be right back." Climbing out of the water, she hurried to the call.
jezzynshizz (10:45:45 PM): Chun Li retracts her hand, and adjusts her towel, maybe a touch self-conscious. She leans back against the side of the spring, and watches King take off, with some distant species of curious interest.
NineGatesofChaos (10:47:52 PM): Okay so one less girlie now. Ah well. He was still thankful for unisex hot springs.
RumTumTuggerMrM (10:48:22 PM): "So how've you been lately? Don't think I've seen you around that often..." Might as well make small talk.
KingIllusion (10:49:22 PM): Returning to the water, she exhaled in a relieved fashion. "The girls are on their way over to setup for tonight."
jezzynshizz (10:52:34 PM): Chun Li shrugs, affable. "I've been okay. Work is pleasant as always, and I lost in the quarter-finals at the last South Town. But... nothing major. How about you?" She looks over.
KingIllusion (10:53:07 PM): As King sat back into the heated pool, her brain registered just who this Chinese woman was. A dubiously wicked little smirk crossed her face.
RumTumTuggerMrM (10:53:26 PM): "I've been better. Got into a spot of trouble not long ago." She shrugs a little, stiffling a small snicker. "But that's a personal matter, I'm okay now, at least."
jezzynshizz (10:54:22 PM): Chun Li nods. "Well, that's good. Been training a lot lately?" She tries to shift so she's seated more comfortably; this requires crossing her legs, knees poking above the surface. Being tall kind of sucks.
The Sonic B00m (10:54:23 PM): A young asian man walks in from the locker rooms, short buzz cut black hair, dyed brown on the ends, wearing nothing but a hand towelover his member and walking with his eyes closed.
The Sonic B00m (10:54:24 PM): He whistled the Pink Panther theme as he settled himself inside the hot spring assuming he was alone.
RumTumTuggerMrM (10:55:34 PM): "Well, I had been before the little incident. But other than that, yeah, been doing rather well." Oh hey, it's another guy, neat! Just ignore the naked chick here.
KingIllusion (10:56:54 PM): King made it a point to sink into the heat while she still could. Faculty meeting tonight = headache.
jezzynshizz (10:57:01 PM): Chun Li looks up over her shoulder to see how Mai is looking at, and... well, that's a handtowel with a guy attached to it. She raises an eyebrow; that's a very patent look of "what the..."
The Sonic B00m (10:57:38 PM): He continues whistling to himself, oblivious to the people around him, scratching in between his legs.
jezzynshizz (10:58:19 PM): Chun Li looks at Mai; that look can be translated as either "do you KNOW him?" or "is he supposed to be in here?" :-D;;
NineGatesofChaos (10:59:30 PM): Well that spoiled the mood of having the springs to himself with some chicks. ...Ah well. At least he shouldn't be rude.... "Hey! At least people are showing up here. They don't have to worry about going out of business!"
reaper feared (11:00:27 PM): Speaking of said faculty meeting, someone decided to show up early. He really does dig hot springs; Gokuento has a delightful set (Which is one of the reasons he chose it, actually.)
reaper feared (11:00:57 PM): Akuma steps in warily, expecting to see fellow teachers or possibly administrators.. and gets quite a surprise.
reaper feared (11:01:18 PM): It's a good thing he's wearing a towel at the moment, really.
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:01:18 PM): And you know what? She's going to give the look of 'dude I'm not even going there' right now. Though for now, Mai's just going to enjoy warmth. Warmth is good~
reaper feared (11:01:37 PM): And those blasted silver cuffs around wrist and ankle!
reaper feared (11:02:13 PM): ....Okay, why is Mai unclothed? Ah well, may as well try slipping in beside her.
KingIllusion (11:02:22 PM): "So! Miss..Li...? was it? What brings you here to the moon? Interested in teaching?" She was trying not to kill the intruder who looked like he was part of Golf & Mike.
The Sonic B00m (11:03:08 PM): Speaking of Warmth, he decides to let some gas out, and three bubbles pop out from the water next to him, he continues whistling to drown out the noise assuming its people next door, he wished he brought his mp3 player or something
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:04:31 PM): There's room next to Mai! On her other side, King's on one of them. Mhmm! So if Akuma can scoot in over there she's going to scoot up next to him and cling. Clinging is fun~
jezzynshizz (11:05:13 PM): "Actually..." Chun Li is a little bit less comfortable now. "I've been assigned here as a part of a security effort against Shadoloo. It's an understandable wealth of very talented fighters."
reaper feared (11:06:27 PM): Akuma is indeed being clung to by a slippery naked Mai! ...There are worse fates. Still, B|!
reaper feared (11:06:40 PM): Just... not at Mai.
KingIllusion (11:06:52 PM): "You've definitely come to the right place then! We have people from all sorts of planets and each of them could blow this place up if they wanted."
The Sonic B00m (11:07:24 PM): He opens his eyes, and scratches between his legs and is about to urinate in the pool, still assuming he is alone
reaper feared (11:08:02 PM): He is, in fact, being treated to a GLARE O' DOOM by Akuma.
jezzynshizz (11:08:17 PM): Chun Li's a little more direct. "Sir." Cop-voice?
The Sonic B00m (11:08:22 PM): "Oshi..WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE!?!"
jezzynshizz (11:08:37 PM): Here, have two B|s. "This is public property."
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:08:50 PM): "I think the better question is who the hell do you think you are?" Rawr! Beware the angry Mai. "Be lucky I'm busy here."
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:09:59 PM): "....Oh for the love of..." Can she close her eyes and it'll go away? Pleeeease?
jezzynshizz (11:10:10 PM): "Nobody's killing anybody. Calm down, please."
reaper feared (11:10:17 PM): "PFEH!" He snorts contemptuously. "If I were trying to kill you, boy, you would have died a hundred times by now!
reaper feared (11:10:44 PM): Though I AM becoming tempted."
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:11:17 PM): "Calm down Akuma, killing someone here would be bad. As amusing as I'd find it." Lookit the boobs, be distracted dammit!
The Sonic B00m (11:11:22 PM): Dong Hwan stops for a second, and scratches his chin, "You have a point Akuma...but then again you're Akuma, a man of honor and you wouldn't attack a person with their eyes closed"
reaper feared (11:11:42 PM): Okay, that's rather a bit of BS. He wouldn't kill the kid. Just brutally mangle him and braid his legs together and throw him out- Ooo, boobs.
reaper feared (11:12:22 PM): "Indeed. But your eyes are open and you remain alive. Need I say any more?" No eye-contact during ANY of that.
KingIllusion (11:13:26 PM): "Waiiiit...." She peered at the cockish teenager who was about to get an asskicking all-around.. "You..look familiar. Doesn't he look familiar Mai?"
The Sonic B00m (11:13:35 PM): "Hmmm you also have a point, but then again I'm" Imitates Volcano High's Jang Rang "I'm Kim Dong Hwan, Korean Extradonaire, not some Korean kid that ling rushes"
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:14:21 PM): You know, when she actually looked instead of wanting to kill him... He did seem familiar. "Can I hope it's just a bad dream and he doesn't really exist?"
jezzynshizz (11:14:43 PM): Chun Li is lost like Sawyer.
KingIllusion (11:15:22 PM): The theory had to be tested... "So daddy Kaphwan decided it was time for you to get some proper training then, no?"
reaper feared (11:15:59 PM): Okay, NOW things fall into place. "Kaphwan's son, is it? Curious.." So far, Akuma is NOT impressed.
The Sonic B00m (11:16:19 PM): "Depends, what kind of training? Kap is always babbling about 'Training' this 'Marry a Korean girl' that 'don't steal my car' this"
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:17:00 PM): "You're a complete fool, aren't you?" God, this guy was becoming more and more of an annoyance. Maybe she'd take back the distraction and let Akuma maul him or something.
KingIllusion (11:17:15 PM): "............" Now..for one of Kim's sons to call him something so familiar and disrespectful....that was grounds for daddy-o to show up and go justice on his..and unfortunately, everyone else's ass.
reaper feared (11:17:31 PM): Akuma was looking more at Mai's adorable pout than her considerable... distractions, actually.
reaper feared (11:18:01 PM): Ooo, Kim might show up? That might actually be enjoyable!
KingIllusion (11:18:45 PM): "Well, it seems we have some of the finest of the Street Fighter and the KoF circuits' regulars here tonight." Yes. Subject change time. King scooted near Chunners. It was safer and less cootified there.
reaper feared (11:19:07 PM): Mmm, attractive snuggly naked girl- or chance to deliver a savage beatdown? Tough choi- wait, what?
jezzynshizz (11:19:16 PM): Chun Li is okay with this. She is certified cootie-free :3
reaper feared (11:19:34 PM): "I would hardly consider myself a regular at any tournament, King."
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:20:07 PM): "Still doesn't mean you aren't one of the best. You can level a damn mountain, Akuma." Which... she can't do. Sad is a Mai.
reaper feared (11:21:12 PM): Aww, gently stroke the Mai-hair! "There always remains another challenge." As those cuffs shining in his eyes remind him so clearly...
KingIllusion (11:21:41 PM): "Speaking of those things.. how's the dojo coming along with Ryo?"
reaper feared (11:21:41 PM): Akuma's face... looks strangely gentle, at the moment.
reaper feared (11:23:25 PM): Okay, now he's back to the frown. "It continues in what time he has. I despise these modern slipshod building methods and materials.. but it is his dojo."
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:24:10 PM): "Not everyone can do it your way." He will get a poke in his arm, a rather sharp poke at that. "So old fashioned~"
reaper feared (11:24:45 PM): Akuma's fully under the impression he could have done it all his way and be finished twice over by now. Still, that moon gravity-issue is a worry. He'll see how that little hut he built holds up fir- arr, pokings!
jezzynshizz (11:25:11 PM): Chun Li has nothing to add to this conversation; prompted by King's earlier display, she leans back over and gropes for her own phone. She checks the messages, just to see if the ringer is working - it's strangely silent.
KingIllusion (11:25:31 PM): "I sure there's a reason for it all. How close is it to completion?"
reaper feared (11:25:36 PM): Okay, NOW he's frowning at Mai. "The old ways became old for a reason. Because they WORK."
jezzynshizz (11:25:59 PM): Phone to ear! Voicemail~ o/`
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:26:25 PM): "But there's better ways to do things now! The old ways then diiiie out." More poking, fear it! "And you know that I can keep bugging you to deeeeath~"
reaper feared (11:26:29 PM): "It should be fairly soon. we have most of the framework taken care of, and he seems to think the rest of it should be gone quickly.
The Sonic B00m (11:26:31 PM): "Wait don't I k now some of you?" points to Chun Li "Your the token chinese lady at all the Street Fighter tournaments"
The Sonic B00m (11:26:38 PM): points to Mai "Your the Token scandly dressed lady from the KoF tournaments that knows a guy that knows my dad" and points to King "And your that one guy that had sex with your brother right?"
jezzynshizz (11:27:12 PM): The little Kaphwan-let gets a... glare that really only a woman can manage. "Excuse me?"
The Sonic B00m (11:27:43 PM): "What? its true I don't see any other Chinese ladies at the Street Fighter tournaments"
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:27:46 PM): "Yeah, yeah. I know a guy that knows your dad and all that." Shruuuug. "And hey, watch your mouth!"
The Sonic B00m (11:28:18 PM): "What did I do? I just said it like it is"
KingIllusion (11:28:28 PM): "........." The water heaved in small waves as the now-pissed off woman stood. Throwing the towel to the ground, her swimsuit showed that she wasn't a guy. Heavy wet garments slowed running down. She stalked towards the dimwit.
reaper feared (11:28:30 PM): BAH, he's getting constantly poked now! Here goes an arm around her again. "The old ways die out because children are too lazy to follow in the footsteps of their fathers!" Kind of a touchy point. BEWARE the one-armed hug, Mai!
The Sonic B00m (11:28:53 PM): Points to Akuma "Damn right we are lazy and proud of it"
jezzynshizz (11:29:15 PM): Chun Li's quiet a moment. She snaps the phone closed. "I'm not a token anything, thank you kindly." She's pissed - horribly offensive racial epithets ftw - but King seems to be more direct about it.
reaper feared (11:29:34 PM): Oo, a floor show! Let's watch. Kick his mouthy ass, King! "And that is why you fail to reach their heights, boy."
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:31:08 PM): Eep! Not the one-armed hug! "Oh come now, some of us like being lazy or we like things done fast." Please to not be harming the Mai for poking touchy subjects. However she pauses in her thoughts to watch this. Oh dear, pissed King.
The Sonic B00m (11:31:23 PM): "Blah blah blah Akuma, I may not be a good traditional fighter like Kap but look at him, the only time he has been with a woman was to give birth to me, he has nothing fancy"
jezzynshizz (11:31:37 PM): You know, Chun Li opens her phone again. Where was that camera function...
The Sonic B00m (11:31:45 PM): "He has no friends cause he scares them all off with his justice rants, and he has like four changes of clothes"
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:32:02 PM): "Hey, dickhead. You won't ever get anywhere being such a jack-ass. I could kick your ass."
The Sonic B00m (11:32:44 PM): "And I bet you could, I've only entered one tournament and didn't win"
The Sonic B00m (11:32:58 PM): "In my entire life, and it felt like a complete waste of time"
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:33:10 PM): "....Yeah, you know what? You're a dick."
The Sonic B00m (11:33:49 PM): "Yup yup yup thats the Dong Hwan way" He grinned and rested his arms behind his head.
reaper feared (11:34:05 PM): Being disrespectful of Akuma? AND his father? You know, there's an ominously glowing hand pointing in your direction, Dong boy. "And an utter fool, denigrating that which matters and esteeming your own flaws."
KingIllusion (11:34:13 PM): His wrists were firmly clamped onto and pulled upwards from behind.
reaper feared (11:34:41 PM): And the glow dies out. Kick his ass MORE, King! Akuma doesn't feel like sullying his fists!
jezzynshizz (11:34:45 PM): *klik!* Hm. Maybe she should move closer, it's kinda grainy from this distance...
The Sonic B00m (11:35:03 PM): "Umm excuse me wtf are you doing Blonde person?" Yes Dong Hwan is the type to say wtf in person.
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:35:04 PM): "You're messing with fire, kiiid. You don't fuck around with people who are vets of the tournaments. Especially the bad tempered ones~"
reaper feared (11:35:09 PM): Sorry Mai, Akuma didn't think to bring the popcorn.
The Sonic B00m (11:36:12 PM): "Yup my first predication was correct, you are here to kill me, dammit I forgot to build my choke" looks down and sighs
IDied4Justice (11:37:03 PM): Okay Dong, what's this I hear about you being a little wise-acre?
reaper feared (11:37:06 PM): Akuma sneers. "You are not WORTHY of death by my hand, boy. If any shall kill you this eve, it will be the warriors you mocked."
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:37:13 PM): "Death would be too kind though, but that's up to King there." Mai's sure as hell not getting in the way of this.
reaper feared (11:38:05 PM): Ooh, Kim! "Kaphwan." A slight nod, at the warrior of moderate distinction.
reaper feared (11:38:49 PM): In the meantime, soaking in the hot tub with a naked Mai cuddled comfortably against him seemed like a good situation.
KingIllusion (11:39:16 PM): King snapped her arms down behind Dong's back, trying to lock them up long enough to get a point across.
The Sonic B00m (11:39:48 PM): Struggles against King "Excuse me wtf are you doing to my arms I need those to do arm things"
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:40:24 PM): "You know, he needs to be roughed up a little more, what do you think?" Why yes, someone's in a rather annoyed mood today. Akuma may want to hold her back.
KingIllusion (11:40:53 PM): "I think he wasn't taught enough respect."
reaper feared (11:41:31 PM): He's got no problems doing that. "I am sure King and Chun Li can puncture his puffery well enough. If not, there is always time when they finish."
reaper feared (11:41:39 PM): What, you though AKUMA was going to be the voice of restraint?
IDied4Justice (11:41:41 PM): "Bull-nanny! He knows very well what respect is! He just fell asleep each time I've scolded him about it!" Kim abruptly bellowed out while opening the locker room door.
The Sonic B00m (11:41:44 PM): Kel Mitchell imitation "Ah here it goes"
jezzynshizz (11:42:09 PM): Chun Li simply leans an elbow and turns to watch. "I'm sure we could too - he is just a kid, and we're not his parents."
The Sonic B00m (11:42:22 PM): "Not this talk again, I'll get my nap pillow"
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:43:05 PM): Dude, is EVERYONE coming in tonight? But there's a sight for sore eyes. "....Hn." Fiiine, she's just going to keep herself attached to Akuma's arm there. Pff, like Mai needs to move when King and Chun Li could deal with him~
reaper feared (11:43:48 PM): ExACTly. Also, she's taking up his language? Cunning plan is working!
jezzynshizz (11:44:49 PM): She laughs a little. "You have to admit... this isn't exactly a fair fight."
The Sonic B00m (11:45:12 PM): "Nah this is perfectly fair"
KingIllusion (11:45:43 PM): Peering up from the lock, King grinned again. "Daddy's here. Would you like to tell him what you've said to us?"
reaper feared (11:45:49 PM): "Or at least justified." C'mon, give him the beating he deserves!
The Sonic B00m (11:45:54 PM): "This is all my fault anyway, I screwed up when building my choke so this is what I get for screwing up tvt"
The Sonic B00m (11:46:07 PM): Confuses everyone with his Korean lingo
IDied4Justice (11:48:06 PM): "Bahbo bahkjool goomlah! Do you not know your own native language?!"
The Sonic B00m (11:48:42 PM): "Uhhhh all I heard was Zerg Rush Zealot Micro"
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:49:04 PM): Yeeeah, Mai's going to scoot a little more to use Akuma as her shield. That's one person she's sure as hell not going to get in between, just for the record.
IDied4Justice (11:49:33 PM): "And that's the problem with all of you kids these days; all Starcraft and no Taekwondo! Discipline, strength, fitness. That, and only that is the true Korean way."
reaper feared (11:49:37 PM): Akuma has no problem with this, naturally. Let's see a whupping!
reaper feared (11:50:43 PM): Also, Kim is apparently worthy of two slow, measured claps. "Well said."
IDied4Justice (11:50:56 PM): "And YOU!" Points an accusatory finger towards Akuma, the corneas of his eye give off a faint glint. "... You're just as guilty of such evil acts as my son."
IDied4Justice (11:51:28 PM): "I mean, really now. You evil doers these days having to do the whole 'red eye' thing."
reaper feared (11:51:29 PM): Okay, now it's time for a faint smirk. "You accuse ME of this Star-shaft nonsense?"
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:52:08 PM): "Don't even start in on him." Half-hearted but dammit Mai has to say something right now and peek out from her spot, as long as she has her personal human shield~
IDied4Justice (11:52:20 PM): "Neh, I bet you put the proverbial gas on the fire to this whole situation!"
reaper feared (11:52:59 PM): It's okay Mai, Akuma can fight his own battles. He can also stand up and exit the hot springs, moving steadily towards the self-proclaimed 'justice fighter.'
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:53:37 PM): Well fine! She'll just lower herself a bit more into the water to cover herself, fuck the towels maaan. "Just don't destroy anything too expensive..."
KingIllusion (11:54:24 PM): "Can we please not have any other fighting in here?" She nodded to her twin girls as they came in with the goodies for that night's meeting.
IDied4Justice (11:54:57 PM): Oh, but it wasn't proclaimed. It was, indeed, fact. He was the personification, the definition, the embodiment of justice. "And you, you Dong. I take it you're the one responsible for destroying the wall between the two springs."
jezzynshizz (11:55:04 PM): Chun Li is... amazed, actually. She moves to get up. "Tempers are running hot today..."
reaper feared (11:55:19 PM): "Were I to have gotten involved, boy, your son's blood would be flowing in rivers.
reaper feared (11:55:22 PM): His egotism and disrespect earned him far more than these females have offered so far, and if you cannot make a lesson stick perhaps they -or I- can."
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:56:04 PM): "I think I may be able to drag Akuma away somehow, want me to, King?" Might as well offer.
jezzynshizz (11:56:40 PM): Chun Li for her part might be trying to talk some sense into Kim. D:
KingIllusion (11:56:46 PM): "Please? what you two do. Sahbumnim Kim, would you like your son?"
IDied4Justice (11:56:57 PM): "Eeeexaaaactly!" Kim slammed his fist into his opposite palm. "See? over-muscular brush head over there gets it, why can't my own son?"
reaper feared (11:57:31 PM): ..WHAT. WAS. THAT!?
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:57:33 PM): Well, okay. Fetch a towel to put around herself and wander over to Akuma. Ooonce she gets to his side she'll grab for his arm, pulling the pout of doom. That and she'll resort to boobs if needed.
The Sonic B00m (11:57:37 PM): "Because Kap you don't say it in my language"
reaper feared (11:58:37 PM): Akuma's not looking. No, his ki is firing up magenta flames all around his body, eyes snapping sparks at the younger fighter. "WHAT. Did you say. About my hair?"
reaper feared (11:59:17 PM): Disrespect+Akuma= OH SHIT SON IT'S ON NOW!
IDied4Justice (11:59:18 PM): "I'm sorry, did you own evil ambitions clog your hearing?" He couldn't help but lift both of his shoulders up into his trademark shrug.
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:59:34 PM): Okay dammit, this is going on too much. "AKUMA. I SWEAR IF YOU DON'T CUT IT OUT YOU DON'T GET ANYMORE. GOT IT?" Oh dear.
The Sonic B00m (11:59:54 PM): "Woooo hot spring fight!"
KingIllusion (12:00:04 AM): She still had a lock on the annoying Dong Hwan. If someone didn't take him outside, she would. She didn't feel like kicking anyone's bum at the moment.
The Sonic B00m (12:00:16 AM): "Now the real challenge is fighting with only towels on and not making it seem gay"
jezzynshizz (12:00:46 AM): Chun Li... backs away. Preferably towards something that's not explosive or wouldn't break into sharp bits if hit with a ki blast.
The Sonic B00m (12:01:01 AM): "And judging by Kap's high kicks this is going to be a real challenge"
reaper feared (12:01:35 AM): Okay, that's it. "Very well, stripling. Let your progeny see EXACTLY what comes of such disrespect." It's obvious where he gets it from, really.
IDied4Justice (12:01:50 AM): "Gay? First off son, it's two thousand freaking seven, gays are accepted now."
reaper feared (12:02:08 AM): A twisted smile creases Akuma's face, as he moves into the stance of an Ansatsuken master; "COME."
RumTumTuggerMrM (12:02:25 AM): Oh for the love of... "Yeah, okay, I give up. Just don't destroy anything important~" And scoot away goes the Mai, though she'll glare. "Call him gay again and I'll smash your face in, boy~"
reaper feared (12:02:57 AM): Oddly enough, even WITH the towel Akuma manages to rock the HOSHIT SON THAT'S BADASS vibe.
The Sonic B00m (12:03:19 AM): "Yeah I know they are accepted and all and I'm not calling anyone gay, I'm just saying two ripped guys, in a hot spring, with only towels on, grabbing each other, can't help but make it seem kind of gay"
IDied4Justice (12:03:21 AM): "Before we settle anything Akuma, I need to take care of something with a certain son of mine. King, you still have him in a lock, correct?"
IDied4Justice (12:03:52 AM): "And who said anything about grabbing? You can't grab what you can't touch."
KingIllusion (12:04:09 AM): A foot of her's went to the back of Dong's knee, trying to push him down.
IDied4Justice (12:04:13 AM): "Oh that's right, I went there."
RumTumTuggerMrM (12:04:39 AM): "You know, I want to beat the snot out of someone right now~"
The Sonic B00m (12:05:01 AM): Goes down, he wasn't really keen about the back of his knee "Dammit I hate it when they kick down there, so whats going on again?"
reaper feared (12:05:12 AM): Screw it. Akuma's suddenly just there, a fist blurring towards Kim's gut. "Don't talk. Just fight."
reaper feared (12:05:26 AM): Akuma? DAMN fast, thank you!
The Sonic B00m (12:05:44 AM): "Oh yeah fight"
IDied4Justice (12:06:13 AM): "You're about to get your ass handed to you, son. Get ready!" I glaring spark emits in a instant around the Taekwondo adonis. Then in a single bound, he leaps towards Dong. "King, MOVE!"
KingIllusion (12:06:42 AM): Dropping her catch, the female jumped back quickly. She knew this startup all too well.
jezzynshizz (12:07:12 AM): Chun Li joins Mai on the other side. It was... kinda like a trainwreck...
The Sonic B00m (12:07:28 AM): "Oh not this again" braces self "Ok do what you always do"
RumTumTuggerMrM (12:07:39 AM): "You know. I really hope Akuma beats the living snot out of him..."
IDied4Justice (12:07:47 AM): "HOU'OU TENBU KYAKU!" The first kick would assume to make contact, if it did so, he would then feel a proverbial hail storm of kicks towards his abdomen, legs, and head. "AAAAAAATATATATATATATA!"
The Sonic B00m (12:09:13 AM): The flurry of kicks knocks him far back but still maintains consiousness, due to him being use to this since Dong usually recieves a beating like this from Kim on a weekly basis
reaper feared (12:09:17 AM): ...Okay, let's see this first. He'd heard some things about how Kim fought, but a little more info always helps... And he was enjoying seeing the kid get his ass kicked.
KingIllusion (12:12:20 AM): King took her spot near the other two ladies.
IDied4Justice (12:12:35 AM): Oh, but he was far from done. Before the final kick would connect, he then pivoted his feet in the last moment to turn the Hienzan into a devastating Hoorae-yo-chagi (Backspin kick) to the temple area of his head.
IDied4Justice (12:12:36 AM): If said attack were to connect, it would knock him unconscious and even go as far as to knock the towel he was wearing off.
reaper feared (12:13:12 AM): Hmm, maybe he should just fight BOTH of them! That might be more interesting. Well, let's see if this next kick connects.
The Sonic B00m (12:17:18 AM): Dong did not expect a second kick, in order to save himself he needed to think in less than a second, he thought way back waaaay back, to his Power Rangers "Fight like Tommy" VHS Tapes
KingIllusion (12:17:24 AM): "Should we go elsewhere while they do their man thing?" The blonde looked to the other two women.
The Sonic B00m (12:17:32 AM): the Backspin Kick was something taught on the tape, now Dong Hwan just needed to know how to counter that,
The Sonic B00m (12:17:38 AM): unfortunately Dong Hwan does not know how to think that quickly in a split second and gets knocked at full force in the forehead.
RumTumTuggerMrM (12:18:10 AM): "Sure. They'll just beat eachother senseless with no style anyway."
jezzynshizz (12:18:13 AM): "...yeah, that might be best. Does anyone feel like grabbing a coffee?"
reaper feared (12:18:28 AM): Okay, if Akuma heard that part? He'd be SO offended. No style, INDEED!
KingIllusion (12:18:49 AM): "Sounds -great-..should we go to the diner then?"
RumTumTuggerMrM (12:18:50 AM): "Ooh! Coffee sounds good!"
reaper feared (12:18:50 AM): But instead he's striding back over to Kim. And he's in the mood to kick some ass.
IDied4Justice (12:19:35 AM): After the impact has been made, Dong, very comically, would land on his head as the towel would land in Kim grasp. He then looked over to see Dong's bare naked form in front of everyone. "Bah, cover your shame, boy!"
IDied4Justice (12:19:58 AM): "Just because you're as equally gifted as your old man, doesn't mean you have to show if off. Have you no shame?"
RumTumTuggerMrM (12:20:25 AM): "DIDN'T NEED TO HEAR THAT, THANKS." Shudder. Eeeeeew.
The Sonic B00m (12:20:47 AM): With some little energy left he spoke,"Why the hell would you call a guys dong shame?" Unconcious
reaper feared (12:21:56 AM): ...Yeah, Akuma's just going to try tapping Kim on the shoulder. And then picking him up and carrying him outside seems like a good idea; shame to waste a good hot springs!
KingIllusion (12:23:02 AM): "...or if those 2 are going outside, we can snatch some that the girls brought in?" She emphasized the word outside.
RumTumTuggerMrM (12:23:52 AM): "Booze or coffee, that's a hard decision." Oh don't make her choose~
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