Keith Valentine (keith1valentine) wrote in ergheiz_etic,
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Shiny silver bats must taste like chicken

Who: Keith, Hilda, Reno, (and whomever they encounter I imagine)
When: After the shoebox shenanigans
What: Keith hunting!
Where: The mall
Warning: Hilda and Reno

Keith pondered his next move as he rested in a food court sipping a softdrink through a straw. Thus far he hadn't seen any sign of Hilda or Reno, but how long would that last? Warily he glanced around as he nibbled on some food he bought there too. If they planned on attacking they would have done so earlier he reassured himself calming down a little. Maybe they could have passed it off as something Reno did and...did disturbing things all night long. He wasn't sure which he disliked more really. Them chasing him with pitchforks or them doing 'IT'.
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