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Being bound in a shoebox means I love you..

Who: Keith, Hilda (real one?), and idk...Reno?
When: During the BBQ I suppose
What: A return
Where: Spaceport
Warning: Keith!? and definitely Hilda and or Reno

Keith walked with a frown as he carried the shoebox that he brought from Blue Castle where he most previously was spending his time. He didn't remember when she had come back there, but he did know that whenever she and or Joachim happened to be home there was always some kind of drama going on or so it seemed.

Well since she wouldn't complain so much if she was brought now, he slipped off into the night to drop her off onto Reno's lap or someone's. There was no way he'd get any rest whatsoever if something wasn't done soon. Keith kept a firm grip on the shoebox with airholes punched it in that was also bound with tape. Idly he was tempted to leave it at some random person's doorstep and make a break for it. "...."

(OOC:PS, the shoebox must have come from when he was previously on the moon.)
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