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Ergheiz Institute IC

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Ergheiz Educational Institution - A Multi-game RP
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Ergheiz Educational Institution

Several different worlds hear word of a greater educational institution, far greater than one can imagine. Citizens of earth, gaia, Esthar, Rausten, Midgar, Alexandria, Spira, Narshe, Elicoor, Second Miltia, Traverse Town, Zexen, Lycia... just about everywhere... They were all otherwise notified of this prestigious, elite school. For everyone... And everyone who dare enter the school, they find that this is the school that they've all been waiting for...

Welcome to Ergheiz Educational Institution.

Ergheiz is the new school for fighters, magicians, healers, and whatever else you can think of to go for even more training. Here they will ensue in new projects, make new friends, and maybe even learn new skills. Your classes will be roomed up at the school, which is divided by grade group. Ergheiz is located on a remote area of the Moon, in a 4-mile wide crater. Your character can travel there by whatever means possible. Whether it be in a technological or mystical manner, the choice is up to you.

Posts To Read
Please read all of these to decide what character, how the RP works, and other things.
+ Rules
+ Storyline
+ Application
+ Taken/Available Characters and Game List
+ Locations
+ Map & Housing
+ Class List
+ Contact Lists
+ Friend Add
+ Important Events
+ Admin Console

+ ergheiz_etooc (Out of Character Community)
+ ergheiz_crypt (Memorable Quotes)
+ ergheiz_n00b (Instant Message Logs)

+ Mun Time Zone Locator - Making a new one
+ Mun Pictures - FRIENDS LOCKED - Will be making a new post for this

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