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ooc: Since Ryo mun is without net till next week, we've been passing time through text messages.

Ryo: Yo, King.
King: Hi. When the hell are you coming home?
Ryo: Dunno. Whats the matter?
King: Paperwork filing error. I'm legally attached to mikaro still. He's not letting me out of this. I'm trying to buy time towards a complete dissolution.
Ryo: Do what now? The womanly fellow? What is his problem?
King: He says it's so i get no satisfation from it. Bitter and/or jealous is my guess.
Ryo: What a sourpuss. Id be mad but i trust you. Why dont you come down from those stars, drink with me tonight? On my back porch. Like were kids or something
King: I think that can be arranged. Your father out for the night?
Ryo: Yep. Me, my horse, my rusted bike, and a bottle of sake the size of a tree.
King: Let's head to my cabin.
Ryo: Why not here? Dont you wanna see my Bruce Lee poster and sit on my bucket of bolts.
King: There's probably a camera hiding in there too!
Ryo: I think the kids would call that kinky?
King: Do rob and your father know about us yet?
Ryo: Why do you all call him Rob? Ive known him since we were kids, and i dont even call him Rob.
King: Easier to txt type. Hell, does he know about yuri's new boyfriend?
Ryo: And thats why im here, to tell pops.
Ryo: Nope. And neither did I.
King: The librarian, but i know nothing. Things have just bombed here since you left.
Ryo: Librarian? My sister is gay?
King: The guy looks like harry potter.
Ryo: Haha, the moon sucks. My horse says hi.
King: It will be fine after i get rid of mikado. And you and i are going to the cabin if your father is about to find out about us.
Ryo: Dont say that, we both know you cant come here tonight. I should just go and see if Mary is singing at Marcos cafe tonight. Havent been since Terrys boy tore it up fighting London fancy pants.
King: I'm making shuttle arrangements now. Won't be there tonight but in the morning.
Ryo: Youre really going to come? It must be bad. Im gonna quit drinking then. I dont want to have to drive my horse to the skyport. You mind checking my dojo before?
King: Will do babe. Heading out now.
Ryo: Ok. I just want to make sure it is all locked up.
King: It's all good and tight.
King: You should see the view from here. Europe is all lit up.
Ryo: Ill close my eyes to see it.
King: We're halfway home.
Ryo: That made me smile a bit.
King: Good! Because i'm going to kiss you when i get there.
Ryo: You better. Because were gonna have stay warm somehow, cause the only cae i got is the pick up.. From the 60s, remember that one in the back of the house?
King: You got that thing running? Wooow! I can think of a few ways to stay warm for after the truck ride. ;)
Ryo: Heh. Really? Like what?
King: Hot cocoa, warm blankets, cozy bed, blazing fire. Good stuff?
Ryo: The best! You make the best cocoa.
King: So how'd your father take the news?
Ryo: He didnt.. I think he knows.. I didnt tell him.
Ryo: He is..pops. I dunno
King: Is he acting sneaky? Make sure he's not hiding in the truckbed!
Ryo: My room was rearranged. My old single futon replaced with a queen size.. And all of my lady whrilwind poster replaced with pieces of French art.
King: ...he knows.

Yuri: Heeey bro! The scary old guy's messin with your dojo!
Ryo: Are you sure he's not building onto it? And.. How do you know?
Yuri: He was all pissed off an' cursing @ the tools!
Ryo: What are you doing in the woods alone?.. Did King tell you about the waterfall? Please tell me you are alone.
Yuri: ....yeah?
Ryo: ...Tell the old man thanks.. And be careful.. Those woods are dangerous for young women who are very alone. Like for...Forever. Pops says hi.
Yuri: Ill keep that in mind. Hi daaad. And you know where king is? She has food.
Ryo: Um..She's here.
Yuri: Whoa. Dad know?
Ryo: Of course.. Now remind me when we are getting married? Father needs the facts.

Yuri: Bro! How'd pops take the news??
Ryo: What news?
Yuri: U and king! When r u guys gettin married neways?
NOTRyo: Thanks, my darling daughter. I knew this goofy contraption would be worth borrowing. Love you. oh, and get those grades up!
Yuri: Wha?? Poooops! Theyr didnt tell u did they!
Takuma: No, my little angel. They think i'm some sort loon. Now what mask should I wear when I sneak into that cabin to plant that girl flowers to ensure a prosperous honeymoon for that dense son of mine. So, red mask or gray mask?
Yuri: Ewww! Trust me dad u dont wanna go near those guys when theyre 2gether!
Takuma: I know we've discussed the physical part of love, but...Is my boy some sort of pervert? Dont lie to me, I can take it.
Yuri: Its like this. Their honeymoon started 9 mnths ago!
Takuma: 9 months? My grandson! That why she is here! I will have to ambush that boy, how dare he do that to that poor girl. I will have to ambush that Robert for teaching my son to not appreciate a woman.
Yuri: dun think thats why dad...
Takuma: That hippy Bogard? Ohh my darling daughter, I must go save my daughter in law and my grandson.
Yuri: No! Kay dad listen. Bro and king got engaged rite? They prolly want time alone together!
Takuma: What about my grandson? That no good son of mine waits until he is due to propose to that poor girl?
Yuri: No kid sry. Shes still a stick.
Takuma: ...What is wrong with your brother?
Yuri: Ask robert!
Takuma: 9 months and no child..could it really be that girl really was a boy?
Yuri: Ah no. Leave em alone and itll happen
Takuma: Alone?..
Yuri: Alone.
Takuma: Why?
Yuri: When theyre 2gether alone they do things. When u and ur big aura r around they dont
Takuma: You used to enjoy annoying your brother.. Who is the man in your life?
Yuri: Theres no man!
Takuma: It certainly isnt your grades..
Yuri: Bros just never been so happy. I dun wanna break that
Takuma: So much like your mother sometimes. I'm so proud. Still..what is his name? Dont make me come up there. My court ordered ban from public transportation is soon lifted.

King: Hey baby. The school is bringing in uniforms.
Ryo: Gakuran? Why like Japan?
King: Because you're sexy in ties?
Ryo: ..You've seen me in a tie? The one from 97? That was a clip on.
King: I have my imagination!
King: You were in a tie when yuri tried to set us up!
Ryo: I was? I woke up wearing that...
King: And you came to dinner in it. You looked very nice that night.
Ryo: I..Ah. You did too! I didnt want you to think I liked it or anything serious..All those years ago.. What losers we were.
King: It was only 2 years ago! .......glad you enjoyed it though.
Ryo: You enjoyed it more!
King: Merde! Your father just sent me a message about transportation to the school....and bite me!
Ryo: He isn't allowed to leave Japan.
King: Till when?
Ryo: I dunno. They called pops a terrorist after he blasted that space laser over South Town. The Americans thought it was a weather thingy. Still do.. Wait, we live in Mexico.. But he isnt supposed to leave Japan. Damn pops is breaking international law again. Mom used to get on him so bad when he would do that.
King: ...He asked if Im due by christmas
Ryo: ...Due what?
King: 3 guesses.
Ryo: ..He knows I punched your ticket?! What the hell did you tell him? Aww man, this ruins my sixth vacation this year.
King: Don't be so crass! I didnt tell him anything!
Ryo: Well. You have no choice but to talk dirty to me and hope this all blows over. :-]
King: liked that?
Ryo: ..Didn't you?
King: It
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