Luke (stfu_im_awesome) wrote in ergheiz_etic,

Who: Ted, Luc, Luke
What: Teamwork!
When: During the camping trip sometime
Warnings: Ted, Luc, and Luke stuck together in one place should be a warning unto itself

Everything about this trip was stupid.

The place was stupid. The weather was stupid. The bugs were stupid. The idea of walking around in the middle of nowhere was stupid. And the people were definitely stupid.

Right now he could be back at the school, relaxing in his room and maybe eating an apple. WHY was he here in this place with scratchy plants and bugs everywhere and WHY did he have to gather firewood? Why couldn't they gather it themselves?! They're the ones who wanted it, not Luke.

Regardless, he was now retracing his steps through the shrubs with both arms wrapped clumzily around several thick chunks of wood. It was obvious he'd never done this before....

Could this get ANY worse?!
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