Kyle (blondcasanova) wrote in ergheiz_etic,

Group D Activities

After Group D had successfully assembled both staff and students, they split off from the rest of the students to partake in their camping activities. Kyle was certain they were all going to be having a blast. In fact, this was all incredibly nostalgic of his training days with the Falenan Knights: a group of strangers forced together, but through hard work and perseverance, bonds of deep seeded companionship and loyalty to the country could be formed. At least that was the concept, right? Even if this wasn't the army, the results were still basically the same.

And what better way to get the kiddies building bonding friendships than a hike and a little 'forced labor?'

Kyle and Tellah walking up front and leading their little troop through the woods, Kyle turned around with a grin and said to all, "Ahh, this is the life, eh? Fresh air and exercise! Better than being stuck at that institute, right?"

It was just around this stretch of trees that it could be seen: a wide, rushing river with a small pier by the edge. A long canoe with a somewhat Viking feel to it had been mysteriously prepared beforehand, tied to the pier and awaiting the group.
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