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Who: King, Mai and the NEW Ash.
Warnings: Should we make Ash one?

KingIllusion (7:56:21 PM): The clock chimed 8 pm. As usual of late, King was in the teacher's lounge with her laptop and some form of dinner to the side as she caught up on the next day's work and the diner's bills. There was a radio playing soft jazz at her table and no other teachers in the room at the moment.
KingIllusion (7:56:23 PM): The clock chimed 8 pm. As usual of late, King was in the teacher's lounge with her laptop and some form of dinner to the side as she caught up on the next
KingIllusion (7:56:33 PM): day's work and the diner's bills. There was a radio playing soft jazz at her table and no other teachers in the room at the moment. The only other noise
KingIllusion (7:56:42 PM): was her tap-tapping away at the small keyboard.
KingIllusion (7:56:51 PM): ((aim hates long messages))
Snk Ash Crimson (8:03:23 PM): Just halfway down the hall, Ash the "Admission Director"; fiercly walked down the hall towards the teachers lounge. Of course, the hotspot of the school <3.
Snk Ash Crimson (8:04:52 PM): Quickly opening the door, he walked in the lounge with both attitude and a smirk on his face. "Hey, stop what you're doing and help me out with something. Something... important." He spoke to King, in a demanding tone.
KingIllusion (8:05:48 PM): The sudden appearance of someone...especially with such a hard tone...caused her to stop what she was doing and look up. "....what."
Snk Ash Crimson (8:08:11 PM): "Well..." Ash said sweetly as he rotated a full 360 degree in his cerulean blue sweater vest and the same color pants to match.
Snk Ash Crimson (8:08:16 PM): After facing King once again he placed both hands on his hips and smiled deviously. "What do you think? Doesn't this outfit look FAB-U-LOUS on me?";
KingIllusion (8:09:48 PM): Her jaw dropped slightly. He would ask something like that, no? " have some nerve Ash Crimson."
RumTumTuggerMrM (8:10:02 PM): Bah, boredom. What else could cause Mai to wander into that little place of all things? She couldn't find a certain someone which put any plans of her's to sleep and really... she had no back-up plans.
RumTumTuggerMrM (8:10:07 PM): Once she opened the door though she promptly went to close it again, yeeeeah. Not going there.
KingIllusion (8:13:18 PM): King didn't look too pleased as she took her reading glasses off...
Snk Ash Crimson (8:14:28 PM): "Its a simple yes or no question. Hehehe, looks like someone is in a bad mood." Ash said. Turning around,as he reached for the doorknob and opened the door.
RumTumTuggerMrM (8:15:08 PM): Crap! She didn't get enough time to get away, luck is not kind today. Cue a bit of a stare. "....." Scoot away?
KingIllusion (8:15:44 PM): "Pourquoi avez-vous senti la n�cessit� de me donner de telles m�moires en arri�re?" (Why did you feel the need to give me such memories back?)
Snk Ash Crimson (8:16:00 PM): "Oh, what do we have here?" He said playfully as he stepped out of the lounge. "Hello, Ms. Split ends! What brings such a ... lovely lady such as yourself to a place like this?" He said sarcasticly.
Snk Ash Crimson (8:16:44 PM): Hearing something from behind, Ash quickly turned around to face King. "Say something?"
RumTumTuggerMrM (8:18:29 PM): "I was looking for something to do. Or someone to talk to. Certainly not you though." She frowned a little bit, arms crossed over her chest for the time being.
KingIllusion (8:18:52 PM): An eye twitched.
Snk Ash Crimson (8:19:26 PM): "You know, I could... fix you up dear. That way..." He said with a quick chuckle inbetween words. "Andy would finally be able to notice you."
RumTumTuggerMrM (8:23:23 PM): "I don't have any use to be noticed by him anymore, thank you." Her voice was a little more than ticked right about now, though she wasn't about to get into specifics. "And why on Earth would I want you near me, hm?"
Snk Ash Crimson (8:27:43 PM): "Jaillissez celui qui, je ne veuille pas toucher un d�sordre comme toi de toute fa�on." (Well whatever, I wouldn't want to touch a mess like you anyways.) He said with much disguise. Now turning his back on the voluptuous brunette;
Snk Ash Crimson (8:28:25 PM): He walked towards King and pulled a chair up to the table she was working at. "Hehehe..."
Snk Ash Crimson (8:28:27 PM): He quickly dug into his pockets and pulled out a tube of violet nail polish. He placed the nail polish close to King and pushed even closer towards King with his index finger. "Ah, I'm in artistic type of mood."
KingIllusion (8:28:49 PM): King recoiled in anger. "Get back."
Snk Ash Crimson (8:29:22 PM): "Oh, whats the matter?" Ash asked as if he was dumbfounded. "You okay sweetie?"
RumTumTuggerMrM (8:29:46 PM): Oh the look of confusion that played there, damn languages she didn't know. For the moment however she moved towards King, ignoring Ash. "How about we just go out and get something, hm?" Avoid more fights, yes?
KingIllusion (8:36:44 PM): "I don't like what you did last time." She held up a finger to Mai...tag team time? "Savez-vous dur il expliquait que je r�vais d'un autre homme � Ryo tandis qu'il
KingIllusion (8:36:45 PM): dormait dans mon lit? (Do you know how hard it was explaining that I was dreaming of another man to Ryo while he slept in my bed?)"
Snk Ash Crimson (8:39:31 PM): "But not just ANOTHER MAN, but a jeune homme riche magnifique!(gorgeous rich young man)!~" He said with an evil grin upon his face."
Snk Ash Crimson (8:39:50 PM): *"Why not experience that again?"
RumTumTuggerMrM (8:40:38 PM): Oh for the moment she would certain seethe, but be silent for the time being. She really didn't want to be violent today, but Ash was pushing just about every single one of her buttons today.
KingIllusion (8:41:05 PM): "Well..." She appeared a mite thoughtful at this.. "Ouias, he is(yeah) But no, not again."
Snk Ash Crimson (8:43:41 PM): "You don't sound to sure..." Ash placed his elbows on the table and rested his face on his palms. He slowly looked over at Mai and smiled.
Snk Ash Crimson (8:43:43 PM): "What about you? Would you like to experience a day of romance with a... lets say... young spanish beef cake?"
KingIllusion (8:45:14 PM): Mai might notice that King had flushed in the last moment or so.
RumTumTuggerMrM (8:45:17 PM): Do excuse the small bit of a smirk that she has now, "Depends. What would they day include, hm?"
Snk Ash Crimson (8:48:04 PM): "Oh the day will include, Breakfast in bed, a nice trip to the spa, and you can't forget the candle light dinner." Saving the best part for last, Ash brushed back his bang and smiled big enough to reveal his braces.
Snk Ash Crimson (8:48:38 PM): "And then.... A thrilling night in the young man's bedroom. Ahahaha."
RumTumTuggerMrM (8:50:23 PM): "Guilt free?" Why yes, that was the most important part riiight about now.
Snk Ash Crimson (8:52:43 PM): "Well thats totally up to you. But its a once in a life time kind of deal." He then placed his attention on King. "Am I right?"
KingIllusion (8:53:20 PM): "If that were the case, you could have used someone else." She wore a guilty expression, flushed from the tips of her ears to her neck.
Snk Ash Crimson (8:56:12 PM): "Or... I could even place Andy in that little dream world if you'd like Mai~"
RumTumTuggerMrM (8:56:32 PM): Wait a second. Ohh, that connected then. "Actually, I think I'll have to pass. I don't think a certain someone would be happy with me."
Snk Ash Crimson (9:01:34 PM): "Whatever you say. But you don't know what you're missing... I mean.. Did I mention he was a rich young spaniard beefcake?"
KingIllusion (9:01:56 PM): "You're cold and heartless Crimson." Why wasn't she ripping his head off? The man had taken on Yagami himself. No friggin way she'd do anything in her current state.
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:03:03 PM): Hmm, you know, actually... "No guilt. Actually, I think I may take back what I said..."
Snk Ash Crimson (9:04:00 PM): "Well then, have a sit right." Ash said as he grabbed his tube of nail polish and slowly began to open it. "Violet okay with you?"
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:05:14 PM): This was probably a mistake, but what the hell. "Sure." To that she moved a little bit to have a seat, glancing at her nails for a moment. They weren't bad, at least.
KingIllusion (9:05:47 PM): Her eye twitched and she went back to her paperwork. Obvious she wanted to be nasty in her words, but was holding back.
Snk Ash Crimson (9:09:19 PM): "Naaah, Violet won't do you any justice. How about scarlet red?" He reached into his other pocket and pulled out a second tube of nail polish.
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:10:19 PM): "Ooh! I do love red." Really, red was probably one of those main colors for her. She'd sort of forgotten about King at the moment, mind wandering onto other things.
Snk Ash Crimson (9:11:41 PM): "Okay!" He took off the cap, grabbed Mai's right hand with his left and began to paint Mai's nails with his right hand. "Want a certain design? I work wonders. Ask King. Hehehe."
KingIllusion (9:12:55 PM): Her eye twitched again.
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:13:54 PM): "I don't really like designs, just the red is fine." Designs never really seemed to look good to her when it came to nails.
KingIllusion (9:14:05 PM): "Pansies."
Snk Ash Crimson (9:14:51 PM): Looking down, continuing to paint Mai's nails; Ash quickly replied to King "What was that dear, speak up."
KingIllusion (9:15:16 PM): "Give her pansies." That was all.
Snk Ash Crimson (9:15:17 PM): Now done, with the index finger name and now moving to the middle finger; Ash continued to paint Mai's nails.
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:16:21 PM): Hmm, you know.. "That would look good!" Just ignore the perky tone there, that's just temporary.
Snk Ash Crimson (9:17:32 PM): Going back to the violet nail polish, Ash slowly and carefully painted pansies on Mai's index finger. ".... Ah King, do you remember what it was that I designed for you're nails?"
KingIllusion (9:18:09 PM): "Roses." Tappity-tap-tap
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:19:10 PM): "That doesn't surprise me." Small glance was made towards King, smiling a little. "You know, we should get coffee sometime or something." This is a fact.
Snk Ash Crimson (9:19:35 PM): "Pansies for Andy." He muttered as he then painted Mai's middle finger with an image of a raising sun. [breakfast in bed anyone?]
Snk Ash Crimson (9:23:24 PM): Now moving on to the ring finger, he painted dauragon; which resembled fine and expensive art.
KingIllusion (9:24:37 PM): She glanced over, "Hmph, that one will be an arrogant night."
Snk Ash Crimson (9:25:13 PM): "King stop whining and come get your nails done too."
Snk Ash Crimson (9:25:49 PM): "You look stress, maybe you could one." ^.^
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:26:09 PM): "You're so uptight tonight~" Even though she was just ticked about two minutes ago, ahh the easy way to get her to shut up.
KingIllusion (9:26:35 PM): Her laptop snapped shut. " condition. You give me the memories of any of my times with Ryo."
Snk Ash Crimson (9:27:46 PM): "Of who? Ry-who? Oh please, I could give you what you deserve hun. Why would you want an absent minded fool like him anyways?" He continued to paint.
KingIllusion (9:29:24 PM): "I just do, ok??" Boy, was she not in a good mood. "I've had the other side of the spectrum and it ended up killing me once."
Snk Ash Crimson (9:30:57 PM): "Well after I done with Mai.... Mai, hand me you're other hand now dear." He finally finished Mai's right hand.
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:32:35 PM): That was rather quick, huh. Though she moved a little to switch hands, offering the left hand instead.
Snk Ash Crimson (9:34:31 PM): Ash painted flames on Mai's right thumb, symbolizing... Passion perhaps? "You're gonna love whats to come." He said slyly.
Snk Ash Crimson (9:34:46 PM): "Oh and King, please relax."
KingIllusion (9:36:00 PM): "Things haven't made that an easy thing to do."
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:38:02 PM): "We shall see, now won't we?" Though her curiousity was starting to get the best of her.
Snk Ash Crimson (9:39:27 PM): While painting Mai's names, Ash's phone suddenly started to vibrate. "That better be Shenny!"
Snk Ash Crimson (9:39:34 PM): He stopped what he was doing and answered the phone. "Hello... Mai, give me a minute." He said as he walked out the lounge to conversate with Shen Woo via cellphone.
KingIllusion (9:42:36 PM): "..I don't feel good about this Mai."
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:43:05 PM): "Why not? No one has to know..."
KingIllusion (9:45:34 PM): "The dreams felt so..real.... I just have a bad feeling, that's all."
Snk Ash Crimson (9:46:59 PM): "I'm back ladies." He said as he walked back into the room. "Oh, were was I..." He resumed his position and continued to paint. "Oh, King dear... You never did tell me how I looked. Not that value your opinion."
KingIllusion (9:47:24 PM): "You look like a piece of fallen sky"
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:47:37 PM): Though she was about to say something else she went silent once more, just watching him paint for the moment. "Great comparison."
Snk Ash Crimson (9:49:42 PM): "I prefer greek god, but that works." He moved from Mai's middle finger to her ring finger. "I'm out of ideas, what would look good on this little finger?"
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:50:58 PM): "Don't ask me that, I'm bad with these kinds of things." Because whatever she thinks of it ends up looking ugly to her. Guh.
Snk Ash Crimson (9:53:44 PM): "King? What do you suggest?"He asked. Continung to code Mai's ring finger with scarlet nail polish.
KingIllusion (9:54:50 PM): "A fan."
Snk Ash Crimson (9:58:45 PM): "A fan? Whatever, I'm opened for anything." He continued to paint her nails, concentrating on even the smallest details. "Oh, and lets so get some coffee after this. ~Yawn, I sure could use some."
RumTumTuggerMrM (9:59:22 PM): "If I have coffee now I probably won't be able to sleep for another three hours." Which would probably be a bad thing.
Snk Ash Crimson (10:02:24 PM): "Oh, thats right. You might want to go to bed right after this too." Ash said as he finished up Mai's pinky finger.
Snk Ash Crimson (10:02:52 PM): "Its getting late ladies.." He said as he looked up at the clock. "Oh, Mai, what do you think about my outfit?"
RumTumTuggerMrM (10:03:49 PM): "Maybe you should add a color besides blue to vary it a little? Blue's not that flattering on most." Honest truth, come on.
Snk Ash Crimson (10:06:58 PM): "Oh, okay. I have white. Does that work for you?" Ash dug back into his pocket and pulled out a white tube of nail polish.
RumTumTuggerMrM (10:07:39 PM): "That's fine." Though you know, combination of blue and white usually made one think of the sky.
KingIllusion (10:09:26 PM): King busied herself with putting her things into her bag.
Snk Ash Crimson (10:10:46 PM): "You know what Mai, you can do it yourself. I thought with such fat fingers, I could paint a whole lot more on you. But it just looks sloppy on you just liek everything else does." He pouted.
RumTumTuggerMrM (10:11:51 PM): Oh yes, that pout? That's going to become very violent if he doesn't back away in the next... about two seconds. "I do not have fat fingers!"
Snk Ash Crimson (10:13:02 PM): "You sure? I mean really, these things look like little sausages!" He said cheerfully.
Snk Ash Crimson (10:13:16 PM): "Maybe you shouldn't be lounging as much as you should be working on dear."
RumTumTuggerMrM (10:13:38 PM): "They do not! You have no idea as to what you're talking about!" Good thing she doesn't have sharp objects on her right now.
KingIllusion (10:13:40 PM): "She got more of a workout than you lately..." She couldn't help but smirk at that.
Snk Ash Crimson (10:15:04 PM): "Oh what ever you say. You can stay in denial all you want. And what was that you were saying dear King? Mind repeating yourself?"
KingIllusion (10:17:11 PM): "Vous �tes un �ne" (You're an ass) She smiled sweetly.
RumTumTuggerMrM (10:17:51 PM): "Jerk." She grumbles a little, rage calming a little bit.
Snk Ash Crimson (10:18:22 PM): "Whatever tramps." He said as he stood up and rolled his eyes.
KingIllusion (10:20:16 PM): She wanted to kill him. She wanted to kill him. She was standing to kill him.
RumTumTuggerMrM (10:21:40 PM): "Kiiing. I don't think killing him here would be good." Now who's the voice of reason, huh?
Snk Ash Crimson (10:23:26 PM): "Oh well, you hogs can stay here. I'm going out tonite." Ash said as he walked over to the lounge door. "King, remind me that I have an appoint with you. And Mai, enjoy you're dreams."
KingIllusion (10:26:49 PM): She was about to stomp after Ash and make him wish he had worn a hat that day
Snk Ash Crimson (10:27:45 PM): "King, you look like you want to say something. What is it hun?"
RumTumTuggerMrM (10:27:53 PM): "If they actually work out right." Her voice was little more than a mumble, figuring she might as well let King deal with it.
Snk Ash Crimson (10:29:45 PM): "....Whatever. Buh-bye ladies~" He said finally as he exited the lounge. Such boring old hags.
KingIllusion (10:37:29 PM): "Prick" She flumped back in her seat, still tired and still pissed.
RumTumTuggerMrM (10:39:28 PM): "Ass." Bah, well, at least he was gone now. "I don't understand sometimes.."
KingIllusion (10:40:24 PM): "Men that are more woman than us?"
RumTumTuggerMrM (10:41:27 PM): "Hah. I really can't think of anyone who looks more like a woman than he does."
KingIllusion (10:42:59 PM): "He does do lovely work on nails..but he's more arrogant than my ex"
RumTumTuggerMrM (10:43:30 PM): "Oh that was being arrogant? I thought that was just being a dick."
KingIllusion (10:43:55 PM): " know, coffee does sound great right now. Come to the diner with me?"
RumTumTuggerMrM (10:44:26 PM): "Suure. I have nothing else to do."
KingIllusion (11:00:30 PM): The blonde woman gathered up her belongings, heading towards the door.
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:01:04 PM): And Mai rather quickly followed after her, coffee was something fun~
KingIllusion (11:02:50 PM): "I'll warn you now..those dreams that you'll experience will be so realistic, you won't even know the difference...and then you'll wake up."
KingIllusion (11:03:00 PM): "Either horrified or extremely disappointed.."
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:03:54 PM): "Honestly I don't really believe it'll work anyway, but hey, first time for everything. I'll keep it in mind..." Nothing is quite as good as the real thing, ever.
KingIllusion (11:05:38 PM): "I know I dreamt of giving that man my virginity on the bar counter. The feelings were like...well, I can't describe them. What I do know is that I woke up, one of the roses burnt
KingIllusion (11:06:04 PM): off the nail and left a smell of some sort of thing. Vanilla I think it was... but Ryo was -not- happy when he found out it wasn't him that that happy dream was about."
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:06:56 PM): "I can take a wild guess as to who'll be in mind. Probably shouldn't let Akuma know though, he already wants to rip off Andy's head if he ever comes across him." Jealous much?
KingIllusion (11:08:54 PM): "Have they ever met?"
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:09:13 PM): "Not yet. Though he's... heard stories."
KingIllusion (11:10:21 PM): "Did he hear the one about the baby puppet?"
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:10:33 PM): "Nooo."
KingIllusion (11:11:48 PM): "You should tell him about it. I couldn't stop laughing for days..." They had finally reached the diner and she opened the door. There were still several patrons for the after dinner crowd, the group's talking was a low murmur.
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:12:30 PM): As long as it wasn't a huge group, huge groups tended to be problems. "I don't want to tell him about it though?"
KingIllusion (11:13:44 PM): "Why not? He'll probably say that Andy was clearly not mature enough to handle anything serious and it's good you moved on."
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:16:08 PM): "I guess so, but I'm kind of trying to keep any topics about Andy to a low number."
KingIllusion (11:19:08 PM): "Understandable." Walking around the counter, she placed her bag down, grabbing two mugs for them both.
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:20:23 PM): "Ticking him off is a bad idea, bringing up old love is a bad idea, pretty much everything is a bad idea lately." Pff.
KingIllusion (11:22:05 PM): "At least you've been able to see him. Ryo's been off at that dojo more than anything. I haven't seen him in almost 2 weeks.."
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:22:40 PM): "You coooould always drag him away from it? I mean he's male, how hard can it be?"
KingIllusion (11:23:58 PM): "He'd be whining about going back the entire time. That, or he'd fall immediately to sleep" King poured some of the black gold for them both, handing Mai a mug.
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:24:50 PM): "Are you sure he's male?" She couldn't help a tiny smirk, taking the handed mug. "Because that's just weeeeird."
KingIllusion (11:25:40 PM): "Oh I've checked." She grinned, Mai can take that where she wants.
KingIllusion (11:25:58 PM): "He's a dirty birdy" Was her mutter as she dove in for a sip of coffee.
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:26:12 PM): "Oh!" A tiny snicker escaped from her, "Oh really?~ I wouldn't have guessed."
KingIllusion (11:27:12 PM): "He wants me to do things I would never....well, you know."
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:27:28 PM): "Ahh. We already know how things go for me. And my bright ideas."
KingIllusion (11:28:24 PM): "I didn't even know that muscle could be pulled...and I don't want to know how it was either!"
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:28:53 PM): "You learn something new everyday, huh? It still kind of hurts, to tell you the truth."
KingIllusion (11:31:56 PM): "Was there..anything you two did to make it extra exciting?"
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:32:46 PM): "Don't make me laugh. He's so damn big on the classical stuff. Just that he was more forceful, other than that? Nooope~"
KingIllusion (11:33:41 PM): "Maybe he could teach Ryo a thing or three then! Did you know that he wanted me to help him get 'it' up again not even a minute after we finished? He said he wanted me to 'be wild' obscene!"
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:34:39 PM): "Pff. Then he's obviously not doing something right. I mean, if you want to get everything out of it then try to wear yourself out. There's a reason I have new sheets."
KingIllusion (11:36:02 PM): "He also tried..." She whispered something lowly to her so no one else could hear.
RumTumTuggerMrM (11:36:55 PM): Oh dear, look at the bit of a blush there. "Oh god, that's just... ewww. If you're going to do that it'd be better to do that before everything's all nasty. Not that I'd ever want that, ew."
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