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RP Log

Who: Luc and Tyr McDohl
When: Afternoonish - backlogged
What: Talky talky
Where: Luminaire Sanctuary, 103
Warning: Nothing really. Their usual fluff and corn.

It was a bit unusual for Luc to be prodded continuously by his care to go and see the older male who lived in 103; especially to be made faces of displeasure at over the passed few days for refusing her suggestions. So giving in to Serah's will, he was standing before that same door a little concerned at the reaction of him suddenly coming by and gathering up the strength - or just willingness- to press the suite's buzzer.

Today had been a quiet day as Tyr spent his afternoon taking care of his laundry and getting a better hang of how to use a computer. Although he appreciated his best friend, the Tenkai had elected to stay in his dorm instead of seeking the older man out, needing some time of his own to take care of his chores.

Now that he was done however, the former leader was reading a book on the history of technology--a suggestion by Lazlo when he'd noticed how confused the other rune bearer was--accompanied by soft music in an attempt to pretend he wasn't alone in the otherwise quiet suite.

Only, the buzzer rang, and despite how often Ted teased him with by ringing it, he couldn't help but yelp loudly when it did. His heart raced as the thing went silent, but as he recovered from his surprise, Tyr couldn't help the anger that made him quickly cross the short distance between the couch and the door and open said door almost violently, an accusation on his lips.

"Ted! I TOLD you before to knock instead of p-..." he trailed off as he realized just who was standing at his doorstep, his cheeks turning bright pink at his mistake.

Luc was caught completely off-guard by the sudden, and somewhat angry, appearance of the suite owner. Fortunately, the only sign of his surprised were slightly wide eyes, staring bewildered at the older male before him. Moving his hand from the buzzer, he hesitantly raised it to the same level of his head in a sort of small wave in greeting.

“I’ll try to keep that in mind next time.” He said dryly.

The greeting, both in Luc's wave and voice tone, reminded Tyr that he couldn't very well stay frozen in his spot. After all, he had a guest and he just very rudely greeted him, inadvertently though it was. What was probably most mortifying about it was that it was Luc he'd yelled at and he didn't quite know what to do to amend to that.

"S-Sorry..." he stuttered in return as he moved to the side of the door. "Did you want to come in...?"

“It’s fine.” The wind mage replied in return, now feeling a bit uncertain himself. “If you don’t mind... Are you busy?”

Almost immediately, the older man shook his bandana-less head. After all, reading about technology didn't count as being busy in Tyr's book. He could do that later since he was already getting slowly used to it.

"Not at all," Tyr answered softly, the suite door still wide open for the mage to walk in. "Just come inside before Ted suddenly shows up."

“Right.” Luc nodded, but hesitated for a moment before deciding to walk in.

Now that he was in... what was he expected to do? The wind mage had not seen Tyr since the dinner, keeping himself busy with his research for Yuber and his own personal matters. Although... that was not on purpose really. But again, with Serah literally at his back, he had no other choice but to make time.

“Is anyone else here?” he asked while glancing around the obviously empty suite.

Although chaos was apparently still in the same when Tyr had last gone to the housing office for a problem with the fridge, the Tenkai had never ever seen his remaining suitemate. Hence, why the main room was a bit more lived-in than it should be as books and remotes littered the coffee table and a blanket was draped over the couch's arm, and why Tyr gave a negative to the question.

"No one," he confirmed, shutting the door quietly behind Luc. "I'm almost thinking to change suite, but..."

This way, no one could be endangered from being near him.

Luc understood quite easily what probably would have followed the rest of that sentence. He had watched the Tenkai for a few years and knew well enough what the rune he was hosting was capable off.

“I see...” he said quietly before taking another quick survey of the room. “Well... sorry to bother you. Serah insisted I come by.”

The wind mage paused.

“Er... she thinks something’s wrong, but I’ve just been busy.” He covered immediately. “So... yeah...”

Just as Serah probably did when told her big brother was merely busy, Tyr frowned at the cover-up, looking up from the floor to the mage's face. His expression had definitely taken on a sulking quality.

"Busy in the library again?" His tone was almost accusing as he didn't know for sure Luc had cooped himself up there.

He nodded again.

“I should probably stop doing that too often.” Luc laughed weakly. “Serah’s starting to become vocal with her disapproval of my habits.”

"Really?" Tyr wasn't too surprised by that since Serah did complain about that to him during lulls of activity when they were together, though she normally spoke of it softly when they were accompanied by Ted, almost so she wouldn't be overheard. "Did she say why?"

“.....” Luc glanced at him for a moment as he considered the answer to that. “She seems fond of having larger crowds around.”

The Tenkai had noted that particularity in Serah, although Luc's reply missed an important element in it.

"Only with you around, no?" He'd paid enough attention to the young magess to remember that Luc's absence from their gathering was the first thing that came out of her mouth. "I'm starting to agree with her that you're not making yourself available enough."

His arms were crossed defensively even as his cheeks colored faintly, daring the mage to say something to the underlying fact that Tyr had been missing the other's presence.

Luc stared at him blankly, noticing the change of colour on the older male's face. He found that his former tenkai wasn't exactly very skilled when it comes to playing it cool when it concerns certain things. Slowly, a slight mischievous smile formed on his face before daring to tease his former Tenkai openly.

"What?" he smirked. "Do you miss me?"

This almost was like the other time Luc had been teasing him, only this time, he was aware that the mage did feel something for him. The knowledge only made his cheeks redden further.

"Would you spend more time outside the library if I did?" he tried to say boldly, though the effect was ruined by his obvious embarrassment.

The wind mage averted his gaze elsewhere, tucking his hands into his pant’s pockets as he considered his answer to such a question yet again.

“Hmm...” He droned. “Depends.”

With Luc's gaze away from him, the former leader could feel his face cooling down some, but the other's presence was more than enough to keep him slightly nervous.

"'Depends'...?" Tyr repeated slowly. "...On what?"

“On what you’re offering.” Luc smiled ever so innocently.

Well, he'd long known to expect that sort of reply from the mage, but that didn't stop him from going quiet as he tried to find a suitable reply to that.

"...if I offered you a walk outside," Tyr dared offer, "would it be enough?"

Teasing the Tenkai any further might just result to getting smacked again, though Tyr had yet to succeed despite trying once before. His features returned to the usual, calm and stoic as ever, before a small smile returned to his face.

“Mm.” he nodded. “That’s enough.”

'It is...?' the older youth couldn't help but stare a bit before he could pull his gaze away, blushing again.

"You have really low expectations for dates." Not that Tyr had any higher expectations himself, not knowing what to do in this type of situations.

Well, that was surely unexpected. Did Lord Tyr McDohl of the Liberation Army just really say what the wind mage had thought he heard? Even for a joke... that seemed a little odd, not to mention that he was toying with Luc in dangerous grounds.

Not to mention maybe a little inconsiderate since he was trying to hold back as much as he could.

“And I didn’t know you expected anything at all.” Luc replied haughtily. “And who says nothing happens with just a simple little walk.”

Though he'd tried not to stare moments ago, Tyr couldn't help glancing back at Luc, eyes wide. Things happening... the only thing that happened during their last walk was...

"You want me to chase you?" came the disbelieving exclamation.

A frown managed to find its way on Luc’s face for a moment, which soon broke in to laughter, unsure where or what caused such a strange response.

“What in the world are you talking about?” he chuckled.

Honestly, this man’s imagination must really be limited. Then again... that bandanna already said a lot on its own.

“Fine, if you still don’t get it.” The wind mage waved a hand towards him, urging him to come closer. “Here, I’ll explain.”

Wasn't it obvious what he was talking about? That was basically what happened when they took a walk the last time, if one ignored how Tyr had attempted to smack Luc in retaliation for baiting him.

Luc's overall response only caused him to be further confused and embarrassed once more.

"Getting what?"

With a hand still left outreached to the older man, he tilted his head. “Well, I can’t tell you if you’re not cooperating. Or did you want me to go there instead?”


The former leader wasn't too sure if it was safe to give in to his curiosity, considering the situation... Granted, he had no imagination when it came to romantic matters, but this was the great unknown, unexplored waters that were making him plenty worried.

Besides, why was it always him who needed to get closer?


“Fine.” Luc said curtly, dropping his out-reached hand to his side before making a move towards Tyr. “Doesn’t matter to me either ways.”

He stopped about a step away from his former Tenkai, for once finally taking note of their height difference. It wasn’t really much of an issue to him before... but he supposed this was something to his advantage.

“Okay... so let’s say we’ve walked a bit. So, I would probably be holding your hand.” The brunette began before taking hold of the older male’s hand carefully as he narrated, giving Tyr enough room to pull away at any time.

That was familiar enough--and no doubt the extent of what Tyr would think to do on his own--that he didn't pull away from the other's hold. If anything, his own fingers curled around Luc's hand after a moment's hesitation, as if seeking reassurance.

"Okay..." He nodded slowly, unsure about what would follow now. "...And then...?"

"We'll be talking I suppose. Maybe about the past. Or something about that stupid friend of yours. Anything really... but then maybe I'll--" he continued only to trail off, watching their joined hands quietly before pulling it towards his face before brushing his lips against the older male's fingers slightly in a sort of feathering kiss.

As Tyr had been most attentive to Luc's words, the trailing off merely caused him to fix his gaze on the mage in nervous anticipation. At first, he was unsure of what would happen next, but even he finally caught on when his hand was brought up for Luc to... kiss.

On went the lightbulb in the clueless Tenkai's head who, despite an unintentional finger twitch and heavy blushing, could finally see what the brunette meant.

'And if this can happen, then...' All those courtship methods Sheena was boasting about suddenly made sense now.

Of course, the mage had meant it mostly to taunt the older male, but perhaps he did have the intention to help him understand what it meant for Luc to make those claims from that previous evening. Although... he still hadn't said the words straight out. Oh well. It wasn't like Tyr minded.

"Just kidding." At that, Luc let go of his former tenkai's hand briskly with a smirk, taking two steps away from him casually now that the brunette's "explanation" was over. The colour on his cherish leader's cheeks was reward enough after all.

And with Luc's newest actions, said colour was deepening into a bright, indignant red as Tyr did his utmost not to gape at the gall his Tenkan had to call this a joke.

"Y...Y..." he stuttered, trying to express his indignancy, only to run over to the couch and grab a cushion from the furniture. "Stay still so I can hit you!" was the only warning the older man gave before he charged at Luc.

“Uh oh...” came the voice in his head and he quickly moved away to dodge Tyr’s attack. “Why are you getting mad for?” the wind mage laughed. “I’m sure you’ve seen Sheena do worse in a daily basis.”

"He is a flirt," Tyr reiterated his past comrades' observations at Luc, taking another swing at the mage. "Whereas you are baiting me!"

"Baiting you?" Luc raised a brow while he barely dodged the next swing, his back coming in contact with the side of the couch.

Is that what it's called?

"Well, maybe you should stop falling for it." The younger male suggested.

''Stop falling for it' he says,' the Tenkai thought darkly as he glared at the cornered brunette, cushion raised as if ready for another swing. And, despite the two dark red spots that appeared on his cheeks from knowing just what was on his mind to say, Tyr still forced the words past his lips.

"You say it as if I could do that easily!" As if he could stop anticipating that sort of gesture when it was already making him drop all his thoughts.

He didn't really want to know yet what would happen if Luc attempted all the other stuff Sheena mentioned.

"Now what in the world is that supposed to mean?" Luc blinked at the Tenkai, anticipating the next swing carefully. "So are you saying you wouldn't be able to avoid it either if it was anyone else?"

It was Tyr's turn to blink to a halt when his Tenkan's words registered.


What kind of question was that?

“If someone kissed your hand, or told you they liked you.” The wind mage continued calmly. “Would you just do the same? You’ll fall for it or get flustered over it despite of who it is?”

Good thing Tyr didn't drop his cushion because this was the ideal time to use it. With vengeance.

And who cared if Luc got a big bruise out of it.

"..." was the emphatic reply as Tyr's cushion was introduced to Luc's head.

The wind mage let out a yelp as Tyr had finally made contact with the cushion in his hand and with quite a weight to its swing. The best he could do was to raise a hand in hopes to block as much of it as he could. But even with that as his defence, his head received most of the blow.

“W-What?!” he snapped. “It’s a perfectly valid question!”

"How is it when you're basically asking me if I'd react this way with Kasumi!?" the Tenkai threw back at Luc because he did finally understand what the mage was saying the other time. "I never even took notice of her!"

And Tyr didn't think it was because he was dense. After all, he spent more time somehow thinking about Luc and seeking out the mage's presence--when he gathered up the necessary guts to do it--while it took him an outside reminder for the kunoichi to come to mind.

"Then it's not?" emerald eyes both turned to meet Tyr's sternly.

Though this way of digging for signs or answers was a bit underhanded, Luc wanted his former Tenkai to understand his own feelings before giving the wind mage a reply. He didn't want it to be a maybe... He wouldn't be able to accept it. A maybe would drive him insane, leaving him to wait for an absolute answer and who knew how long that would take. A no would at least allow him to give up much easily. Or learn to at least. A maybe on the other hand would just meant uncertainty...

"So why is it different with me then?" Luc asked, his tone was solemn as the look on his face. "If not Kasumi, why is it different when I'm the one inlove with you?"

There was a pause in the brunette's mind as he slowly came into terms that his mouth had run off before he could stop those words from leaving them. There was no way to take that back... Although all he felt was his hands turning a bit cold, he couldn't help but think one other thing.

"Oh shit."

So it really was different when the words were said out-loud.

Not having expected that turn of event, Tyr's eyes widened in shock at the directness of Luc's declaration, his 'weapon' slipping from slackened fingers. Hearing the mage's actual feelings compared realising that was the brunette interested in him to was like getting splashed awake with ice cold water instead of getting shook awake.

Especially when the mage was looking at him so calmly it was almost scary.

Judging from Tyr’s reaction, Luc understood well enough that his words from the kitchen before really wasn’t enough to sink things into the older male’s head. Again, it was clear that it was something that he never considered until now. Knowing that was discouraging, but the wind mage couldn’t help but smile slightly, although a bit sadly as well, before reaching over to pick up the fallen cushion from the floor.

Those words would have come out sooner or later anyway. It didn’t matter if he said it now or later. At least that was what he was convincing himself as the seconds passed.

“Do you need to sit down?” he finally asked to break the silence that was dangerously taking over the room.

Eyes trained on Luc, the Tenkai couldn't help but take in the sight of that sad smile, a brief but sharp pain flared in his chest. Even as the smile disappeared from his sight when the mage moved to pick up the cushion, the memory was already burning itself into his mind. And with the imprint came an unpleasant realization.

'Luc already thinks it's hopeless...' he thought as his Tenkan spoke once more.

"...I..." He tried to answer, but came up short of anything to actually say in return. Luc was in love with him. In love. And he couldn't even give him a similar answer just yet.

By the time Luc turned to the older male again, his expression had returned to its usual stoic. Still... it was unexpected to see how Tyr was surprisingly easy to read lately. So at least with that look on his former Tenkai’s face, he was thinking about it. There really wasn’t any need to.

With the cushion already in his hand, the wind mage frowned before slapping the cushion right at Tyr’s face. “Stupid. Stop thinking so much or you’ll break something.”

Luc's suggestion was impossible to follow up on and the only answer Tyr could do in return to that slapping was to grab the brunette's arm while it was still within reach, fingers squeezing tightly.

"I can't..." the Tenkai spoke softly, pained. He truly couldn't erase that image from his mind when he was trying to sort everything.

"....." It was his turn to feel flustered, although there was also a mix of embarrassment to it as those two words and the tone of that voice was enough to tell him that Tyr had seen him falter. Just as the fleeting expression he had made previously caused his former Tenkai to react this way, he was responding the same to that voice.

When did he last hear such a miserable tone from this person that made him feel helpless? A feeling of loss and uncertainty as to what to do, but all the while attracting him further like a moth to candlelight.... His grip on the cushion loosened, causing it to fall yet again to the floor and he leaned closer to the man he had admired secretly as a child.

'Stop...' his conscience was calling to him. But he knew he couldn't. His free hand had wandered to touch Tyr's cheek gently before he whispered a few words of apology.

"Forgive me... but this is all your fault, Tyr." He muttered quietly before closing in and placing his lips against the older male’s.

With all those seconds between seeing a gentle hand come to a rest on his cheeks and seeing Luc move closer, he could've taken to push Luc away had he any urge to distance himself from the mage. Yet, instead of moving away, Tyr closed his eyes and gave himself onto the other's touch.

Perhaps it really was all his fault then, but the only thing Tyr could think about it was how Luc had spoken his given name again and how much he preferred that instead of the impersonal use of his last name.

Luc pulled away, and without any following injury caused by the man before him much to his surprise, with a very faint colour of pink added on his cheeks. His emerald green eyes remained upon the face he had just kissed, waiting for a reaction. Perhaps that expected punch was delayed and that acceptance was merely just out of shock.

Hesitantly, he called to him. “...Tyr..?” thought stopped on the rest. Asking his former Tenkai if he was alright seemed fairly odd to do in this situation... As if the situation already wasn’t awkward enough.

Quietly, Tyr sighed as soft pressure was removed from his lips, leaving them to cool with the ambient temperature. His cheeks however took to burning up as he thought of what just happened. Despite his embarrassment, he couldn't keep his eyes indefinitely closed, and so molten ambers gazed once more upon the mage's visage which seemed to be at least flustered.

He didn't exactly know what Luc was trying to say, but the Tenkai could at least say the first thing that was in his mind.

"...does this mean you'll stop calling me 'McDohl' now?" he asked softly.

“Hmm...” the brunette started. “...that’ll depend on the situation... Don’t you think?”

The urge to kiss him again was strong and very much present, but he refrained himself with all his might. He had managed to do what he had longed to for the passed month or so, despite it being within unfamiliar grounds, as well as took something beyond it. And since he did really like this person, he knew well enough that he must hold back. It was funny how something so simple and fleeting seemed so suddenly addicting.

It makes Sheena’s daily public displays of courting a bit easier to understand. Though... that wasn’t really something to be happy about, he thought.

The Tenkai chewed the inside of his cheek before he could say something carelessly.

Though Tyr wanted to answer that no, no he didn't think it should depend on the situation, he knew that Ted would most likely make a big deal out of the change of address. Serah on the other hand...he didn't know if it'd mean anything for her.

"Maybe..." Tyr replied hesitantly.

“.....I see.” Luc glanced at him dryly for his response before finally moving his captive hand into the older rune bearer’s view. “Will you let go now?”

Instead of giving him a vocal answer, the Tenkai simply shook his head and moved to clasp the other's hand with his own. As far as he was concerned, he didn't want to let go of the younger male or lose the proximity just yet.

"Did you want me to?" he still asked though it was possible he wouldn't take Luc's answer into consideration.

“Ah...” he blinked at Tyr.

This man was just brimming of surprises today. Though... he wasn’t really one to talk. He did just kiss the man for crying out loud.

“I... don’t... care, really... but...” his voice trailed off.

That was enough of an answer for Tyr and he smiled a bit shyly. The reason why he was keeping the mage's hand was really a simple one and he hoped it would be enough to keep Luc still.

"You'll just go back to the library if I let go, right?"

"......." He glanced away in response, wondering if he had really become that predictable.

Well, it was true he did spend quite a generous amount of time in that location, but it was for a good reason. At least, to himself it was. And it wasn't a reason he could discuss to Tyr due to the pact he had made with it.

The older youth was right then. And here he'd told Luc not to spend so much time in the library.

That only made Tyr hold onto tighter to the mage.

"Did you already eat?" he asked instead of mentioning anything about the library again.

Thankful that the subject was changed, Luc turned his attention back to the older male with a slightly surprised look on his face.

“You cooked something?” he asked curiously.

"Just sandwiches," the Toran native shrugged, a sheepish expression on his visage. "I didn't have anything else in the fridge."

“Oh... I see.” Luc muttered. “Well, you’re going to have to let go of my hand eventually.”

After all, Tyr would need both of his to prepare the food. It wasn’t like the brunette planned to turn heel and run at this point.

“Do you need help putting it together?”

That, Tyr decided, was a strange question altogether when the sandwiches were already put together and simply sitting in the food preserving appliance.

And...yes, perhaps he could let go of Luc's hand, but not just yet. This made it easier to drag the mage to the kitchen.

"Why would I? They're already made," the dark one replied simply as he started walking backward and pulling Luc along.

"Well, I do recall someone dropping a wooden ladle for no apparent reason one evening..." the brunette stated, only to trail off as he feigned his innocence along the way, clearly implying a small incident in the kitchen when he was teaching the noble born young man how to cook.

"T-that wasn't my fault," Tyr protested as he recalled exactly why he'd dropped things during his cooking lesson. Luc couldn't possibly blame him for being startled that the mage had called him by his given name.

Luc eyed him inquiringly, analyzing his reaction with cautions eyes.

“Hnnn... And whose would it be then?” the mage asked calmly.

The embarrassed Tenkai wanted to say that it was Luc's--and it was!--but just saying that without properly explaining might have other consequences.

'Like more teasing,' Tyr thought as he momentarily lowered his eyes.

"...You never called me by my given name."

Those usually stern, solemn emerald eyes softened as Luc listened to Tyr’s reply. It was a fact that the wind mage addressed the older man by his family name as the importance of calling one of their given name was unknown to him considering he only had one name, none of which he shared with family. Tyr was... of course, addressed with the title of a Lord, being the leader of his own army; and his family name was usually used to address him. He had learned to follow those expectations, though failing to use proper entitlement as the only person he really saw above him back then was his ladyship, Leknaat.

Though that hasn’t changed, calling Tyr by his last name was now habit. To call him anything else would probably take time... but...

“If it’s really that important to you, then I’ll do so.” He said to his former Tenkai. “...Tyr.”

That wasn't something he expected right away, but the mere fact that Luc was saying he would do so pleased Tyr immensely. Feeling his cheeks burning all over again, the former leader tried to hide behind his own hair, but the most it could do was cover his eyes. The overall redness was quite visible even at that angle.

"Thanks, Luc," came the soft words.

Luc couldn't help but smile slightly at the older man while holding back the urge to ruffle his head when it was so exposed to hi--actually... The wind mage promptly raised his free hand and did exactly as he was trying to stop himself from doing so, ruffling Tyr's hair in exchange for refusing to let go of his arm.

"Alright, alright. Enough of that." He declared in his usual tone. "Feed me already."

The sudden ruffling of his hair would've surprised him if he hadn't actually seen it make its way up. Though he'd have preferred something other than getting the bird's nest that was his hair further ruffled, Tyr merely nodded in agreement with a shy smile on his lips.

"C'mon then," he told Luc even as he resumed pulling the mage toward the kitchen to fetch those few sandwiches.
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