Master of the Dark Hadou (satsui_no_hadou) wrote in ergheiz_etic,
Master of the Dark Hadou

Class is in session!

Akuma wasn't exactly sure why he only had one student in any of his classes. Sure, kids today might want to learn everything in a flash and have no patience, but surely such a school would offer more to work with! He certainly was more than qualified, as well...

Still, after being informed of his student and especially after that whole Battle Royale nonsense, he'd been practicing his normal routines without the use of his ki, brushing up on long-neglected skills and even doing a bit of reading on the subject. This child wished to learn Survival Measures? Then they would surely learn!

Sitting cross-legged atop his desk with wrists resting upon his knees, he awaited his student.
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