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Who: Luke and anyone who feels like reacting
When: Sometime late one night, around 2:30am
What: Luke's playing with some new "toys"
Where: Somewhere behind the figure/sign by the main entrance
Warning: A bunch of people are about to be woken up.

If he wasn't so curious, he probably would have been a bit nervous. He wasn't a huge fan of the dark, especially this late at night when there was no one around. He wouldn't even be out there if he didn't need it to be dark for this to work. At least, that was his understanding...

He none-so-gently dumped the contents of a bag he was carrying onto the ground and stared at them; the thingies he had gotten from that guy. They were a bunch of different shapes and sizes, all with different names and ways they were supposed to work and blah blah blah. He wasn't paying attention to the long speeches the guy had been giving him. All he knew was they were generally called...

...What was the word? ...'Fire works?'

It was a stupid name. Luke could think of a bunch of better ones, but for right now, he wanted to see if what the guy had said was true. He had already tested one of the kinds he had gotten in his kitchen. It was a stick that got all bright on one end if you set it on fire. It was awesome, but scary. He had just barely thrown it into the sink to make it stop. If he was going to test out more, he had to be outside.

He opened up a box and took the long things out. These were supposed to shoot up in the air and explode or something. He set them up like the guy had told him, which took a lot longer than the guy had made it sound. Luke sure hoped this was worth it.

With the stupid wirey things connected, all he needed was to light it. ... Where's that stupid Thing when you need it?! Well, it didn't matter. Luke had thought ahead for once and brought some 'matches.' He could never get these things to work right, but after 4 matches had fallen casualty to Luke's failure, he finally managed to get one lit. He put it to the wire and a loud HSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS could be heard.

He stared at it, transfixed, before remembering that the guy had said he had to make sure he backed up away from the 'fire works' before they 'went off.' Luke ran back a few yards, so he could still see, and turned to watch what the guy had said would be 'so amazing.' Even from the distance he was, he could hear that hssing sound very loudly. ...This wasn't going to make a lot of noise, was i--

SKKKKKKKKREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of them shot off into the air and exploded with a loud POP! and the sound of something... grain-y followed, like that weird rice cereal Luke had eaten once. "AHHHHHHHH!" Luke covered his ears. He didn't realize it was going to be so LOUD. But it was too late to stop it now... Now the rest of the missles were going off one right after the other:

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