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Who: King, Dauragon, anyone interrupting
Warnings: Past dealings talk
Where: Counselor's office, post-party day

KingIllusion (5:36:58 PM): A day after the beach party, things were dulling down.. the teacher's workroom was silent, save for the soft clickclacking of a laptop as the counselor began her summer work on placing students and teachers in their respective places for the next semester
KingIllusion (6:38:34 PM): Picking up the phone on her desk, she grimaced at the sight of the number she needed to call. Punching it in anyways, she took a deep breath as it rang.
MikadoResentment (6:40:34 PM): It rang a couple times before it was picked up, and there was a short pause before an answer was heard on the other end. It sounded quiet and somewhat tired. "...Hello?"
KingIllusion (6:44:17 PM): "..Hello, Mr Mikado? This is the counselor's office up at the campus. I have paperwork here saying you'd like to teach at the school again?"
MikadoResentment (6:46:39 PM): Mr. Mikado...that was a name he didn't really hear as being addressed to often. It reminded him of his former master who taught him everything he knew along with Wong. "Yes...that is correct."
KingIllusion (6:48:17 PM): "Alright, then in lieu of a face to face meeting, would it be possible to get some information from you? I'm doing room assignments and class placements right now." His voice sent a chill down her spine...she had heard it in the dreams of the memories, but it was much more..commanding in person.
MikadoResentment (6:50:15 PM): "Hmph, very well. What is it you desire to know?"
KingIllusion (6:51:28 PM): "I have a room for you.. 11T, it's a first floor corner flat with no current neighbors. Would that be acceptable?" She really wanted him in the farthest possible room from her.
MikadoResentment (6:53:38 PM): "Tell me more about it, what of the amenities?" He had hoped it wasn't something he wouldn't wish to stay in.
KingIllusion (6:56:54 PM): "For the kitchen, it comes with a gas range and heated marble counters..the bathroom is all tile and comes with a seperate shower and bathtub. Any other furniture will be of your decision as you are given a staff allowance by the school."
MikadoResentment (6:58:02 PM): "Hmm......"
KingIllusion (6:59:31 PM): "Your closest neighbor is 3 doors down, no one will be next door, across the hall or above you, so it's possibly the quietest space in the townhouses.
KingIllusion (6:59:32 PM): "
MikadoResentment (7:00:10 PM): "Very well it will do. Now then, perhaps you can answer a question of mine."
KingIllusion (7:00:24 PM): "Alright?"
MikadoResentment (7:01:24 PM): "You have been acting strangely since I set foot on the moon. Is there any particular reason I should know about?"
KingIllusion (7:02:45 PM): "That is a very personal question you're asking... Now a question for you: Which classes would you be interested in teaching here?"
MikadoResentment (7:03:03 PM): "..........."
KingIllusion (7:03:47 PM): She wasn't about to divulge this information given the circumstances as to why she was uncomfortable around him.
MikadoResentment (7:04:15 PM): As far as he was concerned she should be acting normally around him, oblivious to former incidents. This was bothering him somewhat.
MikadoResentment (7:05:03 PM): "Personal? How interesting..."
KingIllusion (7:12:00 PM): She continued, a bit red in the face at this moment, "All of the computer classes are without a teacher, if you're interested."
MikadoResentment (7:14:16 PM): "Hm...."
KingIllusion (7:16:03 PM): "There are also some genetics classes that are open."
KingIllusion (7:20:36 PM): The sound of her tapping on her laptop was heard while she put in his room assignment.
MikadoResentment (7:26:36 PM): "I will instruct the ones regarding cybernetics and computer programming."
MikadoResentment (7:27:46 PM): There was another pause before he continued with, "As for my will answer itself soon enough."
KingIllusion (7:28:15 PM): "....come by my office in 10 minutes to pick up your keys...then it might.
KingIllusion (7:28:15 PM): "
MikadoResentment (7:28:42 PM): "Hhm, consider it done."
KingIllusion (7:29:13 PM): "I'll see you then." Frowning, she hung the phone up..beginning the pack up of her equipment to move to her own office.

Having moved her laptop and bag back to her office, the woman took the time in-between the phone call and this meeting to regain her composure and to choose her words beforehand..
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